On our last day in Bangkok we had a few hours before we had to leave. We started with taking some silhouette photos in front of the big windows.
Then we went out to get som food. Everywhere in Bangkok there is a crazy amount of electrical wires. It doesn't look very safe but I kind of like the mess.
Sometimes we felt like we were walking around in a film set supposed to look like Bangkok. It's almost too typical.
I love these kinds of streets with lots of stuff going on at the same time.
A car mended with tape. Of course.
A tiny old house sqeezed in between two big, boring new houses. There's a place for everything in Bangkok.
Street cat. Cool cat.
We finally found a restaurant and when they served us our rice they had shaped it into different animals. I got a fish, Claes a turtle and David got this bear.
David is morbid and chopped the head off of his bear.
Then we walked back to our hotel.
So much happening in this photo: The guy with all the eggs to the left, the street food people doing the dishes, lots of different houses, cars and stuff. And then the trees. They pop up everywhere on the sidewalks and sometimes it's really big trees. I love that, it's an enormous city with lots of people and cars but there's still room for trees.
When we got back to the hotel we picked up our bags and waited for the ride to Hua Hin.
Bye bye Bangkok, it's been some really amazing days!
We arrived in Hua Hin in the evening. It was already getting dark, which happens very early in the evening here in Thailand.
We live in a gated community in the country side. It's not what David and I are used to on our trips, it feels so fancy. We have our own house and there's a pool on the area. Thailand is a country with big income inequalities and it becomes apparent here where Thai people guard, drive and wash the foreigners clothes.
Thai people are very service minded and sweet and as a swede I'm used to be doing all these things for myself. I find it hard to really accept these differences but at the same time I know that this is a job for them and they want to work to get an income. Especially now when there are very few tourists here and it's harder to get jobs for them.
It's a tricky question and I struggle with it quite a lot.
Cat on (hot tin) roof.
When we woke up the day after we couldn't wait to see the city of Hua Hin! It's a very nice little town with lots of tiny streets and houses.
And they have a beach!
We haven't been down to the water yet but don't worry, it's coming.
I leave you with this pretty flower. I have been taking many photos of thai flowers during this trip. I love to see all the amazing flora that we haven't got in Sweden.
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