Okey, this is from the first evening again but I just had to show you some more photos from that amazing sky bar on top of our hotel.
This photo was taken by David and it was almost pitch black at first but after some editing I really like the grainy feel to it.
Cocktails and smiles.
The golden dome.
Aaaah, the view! The sky bar was at the 64th floor and the hotel staff was everywhere around us telling everybody to walk carefully. I was not allowed to stop and take a photo from the top of the stairs because apparently lots of people trip and fall from the strong wind up there so therefore I had to wait with the photographing until I had reached the skybar safely.
Fuzzy kissing with a view.
So, new day!
This guy showed us the way to the boats. When he saw Davids film equipment and my camera he started to talk about film making. He was a real film afficionado and loved the work of Luc Besson. He talked so passionately about cameras, camera angles and how the tecnology today makes it easier for everybody to make movies. He laughed all the time and told us he makes films too. He also told us about the time he had worked at a hotel where Oliver Stone had been working on a movie and he got to help out a bit.
He was really proud of that. Such a sweet heart!
Sweaping guy in alley.
I can't believe my luck with this photo. The glistening water on the ground, the man in the middle sweaping and the dark framing. I love it!
Under the bridge.
On the boat! David looking all proffesional in the front of the boat.
Pretty view.
And now follows some photos of houses along the edge of the river. I'm amazed over the different kinds of houses built on top of eachother. Lovely, in my opinion.
I love that people here wave when I take photos of them! That almost never happens in Sweden.
What is everybody looking at?
Ahaa! The giant golden Buddha!
Isn't that indian woman pretty!? I love how she's posing so gracefully in front of the Buddhas enormous feet.
In the temple garden.
We tried to find a quicker way out. It didn't work but we got to see some sleeping people along the way.
I really like that thai people just lay down to sleep wherever they are in the middle of the day. They always put a blanket over their eyes and then just shut out the rest of the world for a while. It looks peaceful.
In the afternoon David and I went to the movies!
We saw Prometheus in 4D. That means 3D plus the chairs are moving, they spray wind and steam/water in your face and there's smoke coming out from the sceen, among other things. We were a bit worried that it would be too much of the moving/splashing thing but it actually worked really well on this film. When the spaceship was flying over a planet the chair moved slowly and it felt as if we were flying for real! And when a head exploded and water got sprayed in my face I screamed out loud thinking for a split second that I had gotten blood all over me.
Before the movie started everybody suddenly stood up. At first we thought the people next to us was leaving before the movie even started but then we realised that everybody was standing because of a "commercial" about the king. It was almost like a music video with clips of the king doing great stuff for the people and lots of happy kids smiling.
As a Swede I can't imagine doing that kind of thing for our king.
After a quick lunch David and I visited the giant electronics market Pantip. It was HUGE! I bought a Bamboo tablet to get my handwriting into my computer easily. You will see soon!
Later in the evening we went to the Red light district. David and Claes are working on a short documentary about ladyboys and prostitution and we went there to film the surroundings. We went in to a bar where young girls in bikinis where dancing on a stage in the middle of the room with numbers on them for the customers to choose. We took a beer and I wanted to drink it as fast as I could because I just couldn't stand to be in there. It was horrible! The girls looked so young (one of them looked like she was about 12 years old, but thai girls look younger than they are so she might have been older) and some of them looked really sad. I just couldn't cope with seeing how the (white) men came in there looking at the girls like they were objects for them to buy. And for them I was the same! No, I most definitely am not! When we got out of there I started to cry. It was really shattering to see this so openly.
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