The day started with a train ride to Copenhagen. David is here seen in the window reflection pondering at the Helsingborg stop.
Then we listened to what this dude had to say about life vests.
We were up in the air! Surrounded by fluff!
We landed in Bangkok and after a taxi ride we ended up at this place. Our hotel!
We didn't get our rooms until later so first we used the hotel gym to take a much needed shower. This is part of the gym. Yes, fancy.
This is balconies. Many of them.
Fancy snack.
Bird bath de luxe.
After the shower our producer Claes had arranged for us all to go this beautiful place for a 90 min massage session! I think this house looks a little bit like a thai version of Pippi Longstockings house Villa Villerkulla.
The massage was heaven! Absolutely amazing after such a long flight. And then we got tea and mango. Lovely!
They had a pretty garden.
And a pretty gate.
Time for a snack! Claes orders a banana pancake.
Tasty goodness in the making.
In the evening we went up to the amazing hotel sky bar on the 64th floor to have a drink.
Pretty incredible view.
Went out for some dinner later and went back to the hotel with this tuc tuc. The crazy driver drove insanly fast, zig zagged between the many cars and offered us some amfetamin. We said no. He looked dissapointed.
And that was our first day in Bangkok. These were all taken with my iphone. The real camera came out on day two and you will get to see those photos later.
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