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I don’t drive. So I use Uber every time I need to go somewhere I can’t walk.
If you’re not familiar with Uber it’s like taxi but all the drivers are regular people driving their own car. You send for a car through an app, you can rate the drivers (and they also rate you) and Uber keeps an eye on everything through the app and gps.
Since the drivers aren’t professional chauffeurs working for a company, I end up meeting a whole ray of (more or less) interesting people every week.

The other day I was going to my accent class in West Hollywood and my driver was an older Asian gentleman. I can’t call him anything but Gentleman, because he really was dressed to impress.
He wore a crisp white button up shirt, with a grey pullover vest on top. A white golf cap, and he had white gloves on his hands. Yes. Gloves. Like the ones snobby people in open sports cars wear. One of the fingers on the right hand glove was cut off so he could swipe on his phone that was functioning as a gps, and he had built a cardboard box around the phone so he could see the screen even if the sun was too bright.
The car was immaculately clean, with protective cushions on each seat.
This is clearly a man who takes his job very seriously. Like he’s had dreams of becoming a chauffeur ever since he was a little boy. Every morning he gets up, puts on his working persona, and drives people around town with the utmost pride.
”Good morning, we will be there in approximately 20 minutes.”
And then classical chamber music filled the car that by then had turned from a mediocre compact car into a glistening limousine, and I smiled the entire way there.
Sneaky photo for evidence.

This is probably maybe perhaps turning into a series. We'll see. It all depends on the Uber drivers I meet.
If I get many interesting ones I will collect them all!

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