We are in a creative flow like no other!
Today David and I uploaded a new little horror short, and let me tell you, I am so incredibly proud of this one! We are both in this little film, so you get to see a little bit of David this time too!
It's quite different from our previous films in the Apartment trilogy but not less scary. Just different.
It's called Not so fast and it's not even two minutes long.

I think it's awesome, If I may say so myself, and I hope you think so too!
As usual David and I made the movie without any other people involved. That makes for some really interesting behind the scenes clips, so we thought we'd show you exactly how it looked when we filmed this, just the two of us.
This also explains really well how David made all the lights and equipment we used to make this film. Really worth the watch!

I hope you enjoy the fruits of our creative flow!
See you soon.

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Time for a Two Two Two again, and today seems to be mostly about elevators and mirrors. Some days just are like that, right?
Okay, let's go:

Two from the funky elevator of my friends apartment building: One with kisses, and one with sunglasses. You have to choose you know. You can't have both.
Two from a little midnight filming:
One in the elevator with David's fabulously constructed IKEA dustbin/tinfoil lamp, and one from our basement that looks extra scary in the middle of the night.
Two self portraits taken with the TimerCam app:
One showing off my extremely pale legs that never before had seen the sun, and one where I'm sporting my new (and extremely purple) bike shorts.
This last one needs a little more explaining, I think, so I'm stealing the text I wrote on my instagram:
"I'm calling this one 'Philosofical in bike shorts' Remember the horrid bike shorts era? Well, for me it's more a sake of having intact inner thighs than a fashion statement. Because of the extreme heat wave here in Sweden I've had to succumb and leave my beloved tights at home. Yesterday I went on a bike shorts hunt and apparently I'm not the only one with evil inner thighs in war with eachother because the shorts were sold out in every single store except for the sports store. So now I'm a hot pink bike shorts kind of gal. Who would've thought!"

A couple of weeks ago David and I went to Österlen for a week. We hadn't been to the house since spring so we were really excited to go!
We had a really nice week together with my parents, and as usual my camera was bursting with photos from this lovely place in the south of Sweden.
One day David had to stay home and work, but the rest of us went on a fleamarket trip.
There's so many fleamarkets/antique shops around Österlen in the summertime so you can just drive aimlessly for a while and you will find at least a couple of new ones you didn't know of before. Yes, it's heaven.
This place was a new find for us this summer. Lots of really cool furniture and stuff!
I bought two lampshades, one orange red and one dark green. I had to drag David to that place the day after as well because I knew he would like it too.
And look at that old slide!
After making some good vintage finds you'll need coffee!
We went to Backagården in Löderup.
David and I had been introduced to this place a couple of days earlier by some friends and I had to show my parents since you can't know of enough lovely coffee places.
Ahhh, what a wonderful place!
The pavlova tasted heavenly.
They had a yawny cat there.
He yawned a lot.
Beautiful place!
If you ever happen to be close to Löderup I recommend you to go to Backagården! Looks really dull and small from the outside but then you walk through a few rooms (it feels almost like I imagine walking through the wardrobe to Narnia) and end up in the wonderful green house and garden.
Couldn't get more summer-y than this, right?
After the coffee and cakes our energy levels were pumped for some more vintage shopping!
My dad looked through the place quickly and found a chair outside to check up on his emails or the latest news. The reception at our house is really bad so you kind of have to take the opportunity when it arrives.
The tiny dog to the right was the scariest little shit I've ever seen. It ran towards me with all it's teeth showing, growling. I have about ten photos of it doing some really weird poses were it's impossible to see how the legs are even connected to the body and, hm, where is the head anyway? Terrifying!
In the evening, when David had finished working, we went to Fridens gårdskrog, a pizzeria in the middle of nowhere. David was super excited! Pizza!
Such a cozy atmosphere.
Good looking husband.
Good looking pizza. Tapenad, brie and smoked chicken. So tasty!
And then some coffee after the food.
Back at the house Astor the cat looked good infront of the books.
One evening we sat in our garden and had a little barbeque.
When the golden hour came I took some photos of my dad with flowers behind his ears. I got this great idea in may of making a little photo book with men with flowers in and around their beards, well, now the internet seems to have exploded with flower beards and I feel kind of bummed out. I still want to go through with it though so I might show you some more photos soon.
David in the light.
The flowers ended up behind my ear as well.
My beautiful mother.
My lovely father.
Looking at birds? Who knows.

I have some more photos from Österlen to show you, of a little evening adventure David and I had. I'll be back with those soon.

Hope your week starts of with a really great monday.
Talk to you soon!


So we made a new horror short!
This makes the third in our Apartment Trilogy that started off with Cam Closer, continued with Lights Out and now wraps up neatly with this one called Pictured.
As usual David and I made this movie in our apartment late at night.
To add to the heat from the strong lights we used, Sweden has been experiencing a heat wave like no other. Our apartment was scary hot! Matte powder and many breaks of just screaming "IT'S SO BLOODY HOT!! I'M MELTING AWAY" made the evening more or less sufferable.

Oh! And the girl in the photo is played by (the usually very lovely) Hanna Johansson.
The film is only 3 minutes long so you should watch it now! I hope you like it.
Now I'm off to stuff myself with frozen youghurt.

Until next time:

Some late night filming is happening. Stay tuned.
On the radio.
Our Lights Out hallway can look quite magical sometimes.
Oh my! It's been so great to see how people have liked and shared my latest blogpost (Being a woman in a shortfilm gone viral) because I really have been thinking a lot about the topic for quite some time now and that my words actually meant something to more people than myself makes me insanely happy.

One of the most common responses I've gotten regarding my blog post is something like this "you shouldn't listen to those trolls" and while I agree (and probably would have said the same thing just five months ago) I feel like it's a much bigger issue than just ignoring stupid trolls. Because when you read hurtful words about you it's very hard not to feel sad for a while. And if people's only response is "don't listen to that" it only gets worse because what if you actually DO feel kinda sad? Well, then you also feel a bit ashamed of the fact that you can't just shrug it off like all the people around you say you should be able to.
I felt that it was very important to me to write about all this to say that "no, you are not allowed to speak about me this way" and now I feel so much better with myself.

And then, yesterday, I was contacted by a swedish radio station that wanted to talk to me about my text and my experience with all this.
You can listen to the clip here if you want to (it's in swedish though). It was so much fun and I feel like I remembered to say everything I wanted to.

Before I run off to do all the things I need to do before going to work, let me just say this: Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and for sharing my text! It means so much to me, and if it can also mean something to you then I'm just over the moon!

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