Hello hello!
I promised you Copenhagen photos and I will deliver. In three posts! I take so many pictures on trips like this and I feel like 47 photos in one post is a bit too heavy so this is part one of three from a very nice and lazy weekend.
We arrived in the afternoon and went in search of a place to eat. Copenhagen was in full spring mode.
We found our way to Halifax where we had lovely burgers and beer!
Tired. This is going to be the theme through all these three posts. We were just so damn tired! So much has been going on lately and there will be even more happening in the future so we were in great need of a weekend like this. It was quite interesting to look through all the photos from this trip because we look so tired in all the photos! I hardly recognise myself in some of them. We slept A LOT and went for nice walks around the city and ate amazing food and it was the best!
The dad talking to his baby, the lady on the bike waiting to cross the street, the woman with the blue hair, all the pretty flowers and houses. There's so much going on in this photo and I love it!
Parkways. One of the many things I just can't resist. I have so many photos of Copenhagen parkways, a few of them will pop up in these posts but far from all of them.
Spring has come a lot further in Copenhagen than in Gothenburg.
The light was just so nice!
LOOK AT THE COLOUR! I am just so amazed by the colour and light in these trees and I feel like the person who decided to plant this exact type of tree right there deserves an award of some kind. It's just so well thought out! Evening sun through tiny yellow leaves, it's simply perfect.
Things like this can make me happy for a very long time.
We walked back to our hotel when we were too tired and fell asleep hours before our usual bedtime and then we slept for eleven hours.

Today it's Good friday and I'm off to work. I'm working all weekend but after our realxing days in Copenhagen it feels quite alright.
I hope you're having a nice weekend and if you celebrate easter: Happy Easter! Glad Påsk!

Hello Hello!
Today I just couldn't limit myself to only a Two Two Two so here's a Two Two Two Two Two (phew...) for you!

Two from a Gothenburg walk when it was a particularly nice weather.
One of a canal close to our apartment, and one of the controlled chaos that is Gothenburg.
Two self portraits in bathrooms.
One at home on a regular evening, and one in a roadside restroom on our way to Copenhagen last friday.
Two times fika.
One from an afternoon of jewelry making with everything I need: persimon,kiwi and licorice ferrari cars, and one from yesterday at the wonderful book café Paludan in Copenhagen.
Two of me in my best vintage velvet jacket.
One in colour and long hair, and one in black and white with my hair in a bun.
Two of us taken with the TimerCam.
One from our picnic the other day, and one from our hotel room in Copenhagen.

We just returned from a weekend in Copenhagen. Our original plan was to go to Berlin for a week but we realised that there just wasn't enough time and money for that so we quickly changed plans and went to Copenhagen over the weekend instead, and it was so lovely! We ate and slept and went for long walks and I have gazillion photos to prove it. I'll show you, in a few days, I promise!

Until then:
Time for a little shop update. I've been inspired by spring lately, as you can see by the colours of my latest work. It wasn't even intentional, it just happened and my guess is that my extreme longing for vibrant green leaves and bursting flowers were piling up inside me and eventually had to explode through my fingers. Or something.
So this is what happened through that creative explosion.

So this was my take on springtime in jewelry form. Did you like it?

And just because it's spring and I'm feeling all generous and excited for so many things right now I'm offering 15% off your entire purchase with coupon code SPRINGTIME14 in my shop! The code is valid until may 15.
Hop on over right now! Every single piece of jewelry is made by my hands and completely unique, so make sure nobody else snatches your favourites before you!
A great opportunity to spoil yourself in time for spring parties or give as a gift to someone who enjoys exclusive and one of a kind things. And who doesn't?!

Until next time:
Sushi in the park.
The past three days have been all rain and fog here in Gothenburg but before that we had a few wonderfully sunny days. We haven't really had the time for anything except focusing on the Lights Out madness lately so a sushi picnic in the park was a much needed break.
We got sushi from Ai and coffee and croissants from a nearby coffee place and then we made our way to the sun, trees, and grass.
Outside the fish shop. We weren't the only hungry ones around.
It takes some concentration...
Such a happy lady!
View infront of us.
View to the right.
Oh, David! You try to look tough but you're not fooling anyone...
... because look at you. Flowery beard and everything. The prettiest of them all.
Hi again! My favourite vintage dress of all time got its season premiere that day. I will NEVER get tired of this dress!
When the afternoon started to feel a bit cold we folded up the blanket and made our way back again.
I now declare the picnic season officially open.

Yesterday David and I decided to walk to our favourite park Trädgårdsföreningen for lunch in their garden café. It was a perfect spring day and I brought my camera with me to document the entire thing.
Before we arrived to Trädgårdsföreningen we had to cross some bridges and I of course had to take a photo of the view from every one of them. It's a must.
Traffic and skyline from the first bridge.
Trees ready to burst and glittery water from the second one.
A city canal and our goal for the day to the left from the third bridge.
This view from inside Trädgårdsföreningen is one of my most photographed, I think.
And here is Rosenkaféet where we were headed.
Wind in my hair, coffee cup in my hands.
Spot the husband.
David looking way cooler than he is.
Though that might be debatable, he has managers in Hollywood now. Doesn't really get any cooler than that, does it? It's so weird and amazing how quckly things can happen when internet is involved.
When at Trädgårdsföreningen a visit in the Palm house is a definite must.
David trying to make eye contact with some fish.
Husband looking all cute.
I mean, look at the severe cuteness!
The Camellia was in full bloom.
Mini citrus fruit of some kind.

Then we went outside again and started our walk back home.
We always walk past this old jewish cemetery but today the normally closed gate was ajar and we took the opportunity to take a look inside. This cemetery is kind of weirdly placed, smack down in the middle of a highly busy area with lots of traffic, trains, trams, cars and buses. The grave stones are very old. Most of them from the 1800's, though we did find ONE from 2012. That must be so weird for the family to visit such an old and abandoned cemetery to mourn because everybody else buried there have been dead for such a long time with no living relatives to remember them.
Most of the headstones were so old that no names could be read anymore.
It was quite the emotional experience to walk around there. Around us city life were going on, but on the cemetery we were completely alone with the long gone.
This tree must have been growing freely for a really long time to be that large. It took up the entire grave area except for the space of the headstone. Weird how they have cut the branches on top of the tree and left the rest. Maybe they feel like the tree is the new life of owner of the grave. That would be quite beautiful, but raises even more questions like why would they "amputate" its body parts then?
I love to find places like this in my own neighbourhood. We have lived here for three years now and this was the first time we've walked past that the gate hasn't been closed. It feels a little bit like we found a secret place right out in the open.
And that was the end of that walk that started off as a lunch date in the park and ended in a much more dramatic tone.
Exactly how I like it. A mini adventure on a weekday!

Until next time:

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It's been more than a week of internet madness and I longed for some regular blogging again. I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately, my camera has been collecting dust and my phone is filled with screen dumps of hilarious/sweet/amazing/stupid/weird/awesome comments from all over the internet regarding Lights Out. I might return with another post like the one I did last tuesday.
Lights Out has now gone so viral that we no longer have any clue of it's life in cyberspace. It's making friends with (and scaring the hell out of) people all over the world. I've mentioned the Reaction Videos before but OMG it's such a wonderful thing! Even though some are made in languages that we don't understand a word of the beauty with this kind of film (horror) is that the facial expressions are universal. A scared jump and a loud scream is like the biggest present to us. Yes, creepy, I know but it really is the perfect way of seeing that our work is affecting people.
Everything is still happening so fast that we have no clue of what, and if, this will lead to anything in the future, but THANK YOU internet for doing this crazy thing and changing our lives in so many ways.

Back on track now! I know there's a lot of new people here and Two Two Two is one of the recurring kind of posts I make on this blog.
Let's start then, shall we?

Two views of Gothenburg.
One that I took today while in town, and one from an evening run over the cemetery close to where David and I live.
Two of me when I was just a cute little child.
One of me on my fathers shoulders, and one of me posing for the camera like I was born to do it. (And look at that hat!) These were sent to me by our family friend Lisa who just found these slides when she was looking through old boxes. I think they are so sweet!
Two self portraits.
One looking at people on the street below.
And one in our old and noisy elevator when my hair was having an especially good day. Not like when I was the monster in Lights Out...
And for the people checking out my site for the first time: Hi! I'm Lotta, natural born red head living in Gothenburg, making jewelry, taking photos, making movies and writing scripts with my husband, acting in a theatre group, being an expert on popping popcorn in a pan and making the perfect pot of tea, getting very excited of the small things in life, dreaming of one million things and mixing it all into what is me.
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