As you probably know by now, I like to take self portraits wherever I go. I've stumbled upon a problem here in LA though. I see great spots everywhere but nowhere to put my phone so it won't fall.So yesterday I bought one of those gorillapod tripods for my iPhone and today I went out on Gorillapod Self Portrait Adventures!
It's a learning curve, obviously, to get my entire head into the photo...
Hey! I found a pool!
Super laid back while a UPS guy walks buy and says "how you doin'?" in the perfect Joey (in Friends) way.
Just stretching a little while floating in air...
Bonus picture: Some sort of desert succulent that looks like a beautiful cluster of roses.

Los Angeles has way too many cars and people for my liking. I'm still a little bit self concious while taking self portraits in public, and I want to make sure nobody is around and can snatch my phone while I'm posing for the camera. I'm sure I'll get very good use of this gorillapod in many different environments though!

Have a nice weekend everybody!
And take more self portraits! It's fun!

Adding to my stock of freckles.
I wonder how many they will become.
All in all.
Is there a hard limit to how many freckles my body can contain?
Maybe once, back in my childhood, I got to experience that.
But no one was up for the task of counting.

On friday afternoon we left LA right in time for rush hour.
It took us about two hours just to get out of Los Angeles, and we had 6 more hours of driving ahead of us...
We were on our way to the Santa Cruz mountains to visit our friends Jillian and Tijn, and we very much looked forward to that! Traffic be damned!
We arrived at their beautiful mountain house at two in the morning. So extremely tired. We said hi to Jillian and Tijn and then we fell asleep. We had big plans for the day after!
Because on saturday morning we headed to Point Lobos State Reserve!
Jillian had texted me some days prior to tell us about what they had planned for our visit. "I think you will really like it. There is some easy hiking and beautiful rocky beaches with wild cool trees" She sure knows what makes me happy!
The walk to the beach was so beautiful. All green and fairytale looking!
Tijn carried the picnic basket.
Oh, how I love a good old Rotvälta (uprooted tree in Swedish)!
And this was where we were headed.
Aaaaah... *happy sigh*
Steep stairs down to the beach.
The light was absolutely perfect for taking photos so prepare yourself for a lot of them. There are forty photos in this post, I just couldn't slim it down anymore (I had 87 photos after the first sorting out...).
The sky was overcast but the light was still super bright.
Look at that white sand! I love how big the grains of sand were too, easy to swipe off and they looked like crystals. Beautiful!
Jillian was happy!
She had found a pretty feather!
David was posing for the camera like there was no tomorrow, and Tijn had a bright smile on his face. We were all just a happy bunch at the beach!
The picnic basket was unveiled. David is eyeing the content yearningly.
So many wonderful things!
After we had eaten Tijn went to check out the rocks (It's almost difficult to spot him here).
I was eager to go beach combing, searching for treasures.
The kelp bubbles in America are crazy large! This one was the size of a tennis ball.
And this one had tiny fingers and arms reaching up my palm.
We were all looking for treasures. Here David had spotted something that he wanted me to see. Haha, look at him pointing!
Jillian found a large piece of some kind of purple kelp that felt like rubber or latex. So weird and wonderful!
Look at this happy gal with her hands filled with treasures of the sea!
Tijn was building something...
Something large.
A dinosaur nest! Of course!
Look at the dinosaur eggs!
Oh, wow! A baby dinosaur!
We took a lot of photos of the sea.
And all around us, because in every direction there were beautiful scenery.
David and a spooky tree.
Filming the waves. And falling on the butt while doing so.
After a couple of hours we went up the stairs again to see more of this beautiful place.
Look at that house on the hill. And the fog! And the blue water. And the rocks. I'm a little bit in love with this photo.
Caves and rocks everywhere! Oh, and tiny people on the other side.
Hiiii, tiny people!
So. Incredibly. Beautiful.
Tijn dared to go close to the edge.
The colours and light were just magificent that day!
Oh, gosh! Nature at its finest!
We started our hike back to the car. Jillian and Tijn are such cuties!
Then we spotted a whole bunch of seals!
Signs said this was their birthing place. It seemed like people were normally allowed down there but it was closed off now to give the seals some privacy. Awesome to have an entire beach for your seal families and friends when giving birth. A birth party!
And into the forest we went again. Love the moss hanging from the trees, it creates such a moody atmosphere!
When we got back to Jillian and Tijn's house we were all very tired, so we slept for a couple of hours.
And then we went to the docks to go eat at a fish restaurant there. I was very fascinted by this twinkly factory thing and forgot to take photos of the pretty boats. Typical me.
Phil's Fish Market and Eatery. Ate really delicious food and had a wonderful evening.
It was such a great day with our wonderful friends!
I hope we can go back soon again (but leave way before friday afternoon LA rush hour...).

I hope you liked this photo filled post and if you find yourself in the area around Point Lobos State Reserve I definitely recommend a visit there.
I'm sure you've noticed from all these forty photos that I loved it very much.

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Yesterday an old memory popped into my brain.
I was maybe 9 or 10 years old, and my parents had just given me my very first key to our apartment. My home key (read in Gollum voice- "my preeeeciouuuuus").
It hung around my neck in a white elastic band and I was so happy, and felt so much pride over the fact that I was now old enough to have my very own key.
I was showing it to everyone in line for school lunch when our teacher's assistant took me aside and told me that maybe I shouldn't show my key to everybody. He said, It's better to keep it to yourself, because keys are valuable things to keep safe.
I was mortified! It was a mixture of feeling ashamed of myself, and being angry with him for stealing my joy.
I remember thinking that I had been so happy and proud and my classmates had treated me like I was cool because I had a key, and then this guy came in and took all of that away and replaced it with only stupid feelings, like shame och worry.
It's strange how this memory has stuck with me all these years. The teacher's assistant was a really nice guy but I'm still a teeny tiny bit mad that he stole my joy in the lunch line that day.

The reason for me having my own key was that I started to walk home by myself directly after school while my parents were still at work.
I had gone to an after school programme up until then, but one day I told my parents that I didn't want to go there anymore.
I wanted to go home and be by myself for a few hours every day. I had apparently been very clear about this and my parents have told me later that they felt this was such a strong longing in me that they just had to listen.
I remember those first afternoons by myself so vividly. It was wonderful.
I used to come home, throw my backpack on the floor and just lie down on the rug and look up at the ceiling and listen to the silence.

I have blogged before about me being bullied in school, and I think I desperately needed to just be alone for a few hours after the school day. No kids, no grown-ups, no parents, only me and the stillness of our apartment. It gave me a feeling of freedom.

I think sometimes society forces kids into social interactions all day everyday, when it's such an important thing to also learn how to just be alone and enjoy it.
I'm positive that those afternoons of alone time are a huge part of why I, to this day, enjoy being by myself so much.

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