Well hello hello hello! Look what's back on lottalosten.com!
My good old blog series Postcard of the Week has been sorely missed by myself and I have no real reason for it totally disappearing for such a long time. It just happened.
But now it's back!
It's not like I stopped collecting weird/funny/beautiful vintage postcards since the last time so I have A LOT to show you.

This is one of the beautiful and weird ones, for sure.
I found this in a strange shop in Los Angeles when we were there a year and a half ago.

I find it so intriguing. Everything is so perfect. The house is SO exact. So strict. Nothing smooth about it. And the little family infront of it. The woman in black, the mother if I should guess, is she a widow? Dressed in black after her evil husband died and left behind enough money for her to buy this hideous house. Or was this her prison and now, when her husband is gone she can finally take her child and dog and get the hell out of there. "But wait! Just one last photo for remembering that the bad things are behind us now."
Now let's tear the place down!

What do you think? What's the story behind this spooky old photo?

It feels so good to be back with Postcard of the Week again. I hope you too like seeing the return of one of my absolute longest running blog series.

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I thought about blogging this yesterday but it was election day here in Sweden and my mind was way too focused on that for me to sit down and blog.
It turned out to be a very depressing election because the racist party became Swedens third largest party and the feminist party that I voted for didn't make it into the parliament.
It's just so awful.

But let's focus on something else entirely for a while! Something interesting and weird and hauntingly beautiful in its ugliness.
The car cemetery David and I visited during our road trip a couple of weeks ago. This day was our wedding anniversary and we filled it to the brim with amazing adventures. (For part one of this day click here )
This place is situated far into the woods close to the Norwegian border and people go there to look and be fascinated by the surreal atmosphere.
There are said to be a couple of thousands of old cars (some of them go as far back as the 1950's) in this car cemetery and the land is owned by two people who live on the property as well.
I've read that people in the area think of it as a sort of cultural heritage that needs to be left as is, but at the same time nature is not really loving it; the trees are not healthy and the ground must be filled with toxic waste.
No matter what, it's an extremely interesting and strangely beautiful location and the entire experience made a huge impact on both of us.

It's a place that get's the imagination going and we felt like we were thrown into a post apocalyptic world where everyone else was dead except for the few of us walking around the remnants of a long ago destroyed planet.
Fascinating, scary and very exciting!
I hope these pictures can give you a little bit of that feeling.
Nature takes over.
Imagine the years it must have taken for the trees to grow this big, that's how long the car has just been lying there untouched.
Mossy license plate numbers.
Almost melted together.
Cars almost entirely eaten by nature.
Forever queuing.
I stood here for quite some time just staring, my mind reeling with fantastical movie scenarios.
The moss intrigued me to no end. I have so many photos from here of cars covered in moss. It just loks so beautiful.
Really really old cars. But the grill is still shining.
Old signs from local businesses.
Can you feel it? That deserted, surreal feeling of being all alone in a far away future?

Sooooo, new week! Monday means theatre rehearsal for me, but before that I'm going to be working on my etsy shop for a while. New pretty things to be added soon!

Until next time:

Hello hello hello!

So sorry for my week long absence! It was not how I planned it but work and a stupid cold came between me and my photo editing.
I'm back now though and thought I'd finally share the photos from our last day of our road trip.
This will have to be split into two posts because we did so many fun things on this day and visited extremely cool places so it's just not possible to squeeze it all into one single post.
So! Here's part one of our Anniversary Road Trip Adventure!
We had read about an old railway bridge in the little town of Jössefors so we went in search for that first thing in the morning.
David made it all the way down the steep, I was not as brave.
David made a friend.
Such a beautiful place!
Me trying to look like a character in a Wes Anderson movie.
Stopped at a gas station for some (incredibly disgusting) coffee.
We were heading for a car cemetery in the middle of the woods close to the Norwegian border but on our way there we spotted a building that we just had to look closer at.
The jacket still hanging on the wall. I think that made the most impact on me.
The entire second floor had collapsed.
Outer wall.
After this we were already high on adventure but little did we know that our next destination was going to be even more incredible!
The Car Cemetery!
I will show you around this extremely weird, and even beautiful, place in my next post that hopefully will be up on sunday!

Until then:

Time for a Two Two Two again and this time with no less than 5 bonus Two's! WOW!

Two breaks during our road trip:
One of David licking my ear in the paper towel aisle in a grocery store in Karlstad, and one of me dancing on a rainy rest stop outside of Karlskoga.
Two self timer photos from the Greek temple in Söderfors:
One of me catching some sun between the pillars, and one of me sneaking up on a very oblivious David.
Two plants that I've grown myself:
One of my mango tree that keeps growing with incredible speed, and one of my unknown South African tree.
(I thought it might be an Acacia, but now I'm not so sure anymore. This little tree comes from a seed pod I found in South Africa two years ago and planted this spring. Anyone who has any guesses of what kind of tree it could be? It has thorns and the leaves pairs up and closes together in the evenings.)
Two of me in vintage clothes:
One from the day we went on our road trip wearing my wonderful sailor Busnel cardigan, and one in a beautiful new to me 60's dress found on a neighbourhood fleamarket last saturday.
Two from the national park of Tiveden:
One of David when he took photos of me standing on a rock that ripped my pants and cut my leg, and one of me looking tiny in the wonderful John Bauer-esque forest.
Two self portraits taken with the TimerCam app:
One when I was bored during my vacation (something that shouldn't even be legal!) and one Triple Selfie (yes, I definitely should be trademarking this). I'm beyond amazed by how the light and the dusty window and ledges cooperates with the iPhone camera so perfectly sometimes!
Two of a very dramatic sky on the evening we returned to Gothenburg after the road trip:
One that I took after David had to stop the car so that I could run out and snap this, and one that David took of me taking the first photo (I love how dramatic David's photo is!).
Two abandoned houses we spotted from the car:
One that we didn't stop for, and one that we got out of the car to look closer at.

And the last photo is also a teaser of what's to come in my third Road Trip post. I can't wait to show you!

Until then:

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I'm finally back with the second day of our road trip adventure.
It was saturday and we woke up in Söderfors at the beautiful mansion Söderfors Herrgård.
After a nice breakfast in the gorgeous main building we packed our bags and checked out because we had places to see!
David waits patiently for his wife to finish taking photos.
We had read about a greek temple in Söderfors. Built in 1795 and a replica of the Theseus temple in Athens. It's situated in an English style park in an old Swedish industial town and it's such a weird mix of everything we just had to go check it out.
This place just begs to be danced in, right?
When we felt we had seen all of the temple and my damaged heel had had enough of jumping we went back to the car to continue our journey.
This is the town of Söderfors, by the way.
It's kind of interesting to see how divided the town felt. It used to be a thriving industrial town and the historical parts are still there as in the mansion, the english park, the greek temple. But the rest of the town just feels so lonely and sleepy.
Our next stop was another old industrial town, Gysinge, that used to produce iron.
This place felt a whole lot more lively than Söderfors and lots of tourists come here to look at the historical parts with the river and rapids as the soul of the town.
Gysinge Herrgård, such a beautiful mansion!
And they had fluffy trees! Not many things make me as happy as fluffy trees!
After Gysinge we drove on towards our stop for the evening. But we had to stop in Karlstad to eat.
We found the sushi place Happy Kitchen. Super tasty, as you can see!
And then we arrived in Jössefors. Another old industrial town. We unpacked and rested for a few hours before we took our cameras and went outside for an evening walk in search for the lake Glafsfjorden that we had seen through the car window on our way to the bed and breakfast.
Aaaah, there it is.
Tip: Click on the photo to see it larger.
We were a little late to find a path that reached the lake so it was hard to capture the fog that lay thick over the forest, but I think these photos are perfect anyways. It was so beautiful there. So still and silent.
Such a great ending to a wonderful day.
Then we went back to the bed and breakfast that had incredibly high ceilings that made me look oh so very tiny.
We were so tired after a long day and the day after was going to be filled with adventure so we needed our rest.

The post from the last day of our road trip is going to be epic. Epic, I tell you. So let's hope I can show you soon! There's a lot of photos to edit before that though, so off I go!

Oh, and today my vacation is officially over. Back to work!
The smell of autumn in the air makes everything so much easier, doesn't it?

See you soon!
Spooky GIF friday!
Soooooo, when I said I'd be back tomorrow (yesterday) with day two of our Anniversary road trip I clearly lied. Or misjudged my laziness. Some or the other.
As I'm still not up to speed on the editing we will simply have to make do with a somewhat scary GIF from one of the places we visited that day.
So here you go:
And let's start this weekend with some dancing, just for the joy of it!

Until next time:
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