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Time for a Two Two Two again! And because it's been ages since last time I did a post like this it has no less than seven (7!) bonus Twos!
OK, let's do this!

Two photos of LA greenery:
One from a walk along the Venice Canals, and one from a tree lined street in our new neighbourhood.
Two of me sipping on my new favourite drink Lemonade:
One Strawberry Basil Lemonade at a hipster burger place in Silver Lake, and one regular lemonade at a nice kebab/falafel place in Studio City.
Two Dinner with a View:
One from when we drove up Mullholland Drive to eat Burritos while the sun set, and one from Wilacre Park where we found the perfect place to eat sandwiches under a huge a tree.
Two self portraits from the hotel room where we stayed for a week:
One when I'm jumping on the bed with sunglasses on, and one where I'm standing on the chair with my feminist t-shirt on.
Two things I've eaten, photographed from above:
One from a Gelato Cafe where I had Peach and Coffee ice cream and a cup of coffee, and one of the first breakfast I ate after we moved to the new place. Oatmeal porridge, a side of fruit and a cup of coffee.
Two from our evening walk yesterday:
One of David looking at the river, and one of me looking at the river.
Two Self Portraits taken in the public spaces of the hotel where we stayed for a week:
One in a fancy pants hallway right outside the hotel ballroom, and one in the parking garage that I had to walk through to get out of the hotel by foot (This town is not made for walking).
Two things I've found while out walking:
A graveyard for electric wheelchairs, and a kind of beautiful water pipe thingy.
Two Outfit Photos:
One of me in pants standing in an aisle at a grocery store, and one of me in a skirt with bare legs standing in front of a very blue wall.
Two photos taken at our new home:
One of me eating breakfast in the back yard, and one self portrait of me standing on the ladder on my way to the loft in this tiny little apartment.
And that was all for today!

We like it very much where we're staying right now. We eat all of our meals outdoors and we take walks around the neighbourhood.
It's nice, really really nice.

Hope you have it nice too.

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Time for a Two Two Two again (with the now traditional bonus Two's for extra fun).

Two from an evening walk when everything seemed spooky:
One that looks like a poster for an awesome animated movie, and one that looks like a poster for a horror movie set in the medieval times.
Two baked goods that I ate:
One Semla at a café, and a plate of cardemom buns that I made for David's birthday back in january.
Two photos of me in my new feminist tshirts:
One standing in the Lights Out Hallway with a tshirt that says "Feminist", and one sitting strangely on a kitchen chair with a tshirt that says "Smash the patriarchy".
Two evening walks:
One from the cemetery close to where we live when it was all snowy and cold, and one from Rörum, yesterday, when we went to say hello to the tree where we got married (in 2013).
Two from Palmhuset (The Palm-tree House) in Gothenburg when I was there with my dad a couple of weeks ago:
One of my dad and all the camelias, and one of me in the tropical room.
Two self portraits at that great spot by the window:
One in colour with me standing on tiptoes to get my tights into the photo, and one in black and white with me looking pensive.
Two amazing soups that I've made lately:
One fish stew (recipe in swedish here ), and one Creamy Spiced Cauliflower soup (recipe in english here ).
Two self portraits wearing the same clothes (that happen to be my favourite outfit at the moment). Brown sweater from H&M at least five years ago, velvet skirt from BlackMilk, olive green tights and rust orange thigh high socks scrunched down to just above the knee from Sockdreams and boots from G Star Raw:
One depicting the emotions of being sick in what appears to have been the flu or an especially evil cold for two weeks, and one of me yesterday when I got high on sunshine and vitamine D and could feel the health coming back to me.
And that was all for this time.

Hope you're having a nice weekend, dear friends and readers.

Time for a Two Two Two again and this time with no less than 5 bonus Two's! WOW!

Two breaks during our road trip:
One of David licking my ear in the paper towel aisle in a grocery store in Karlstad, and one of me dancing on a rainy rest stop outside of Karlskoga.
Two self timer photos from the Greek temple in Söderfors:
One of me catching some sun between the pillars, and one of me sneaking up on a very oblivious David.
Two plants that I've grown myself:
One of my mango tree that keeps growing with incredible speed, and one of my unknown South African tree.
(I thought it might be an Acacia, but now I'm not so sure anymore. This little tree comes from a seed pod I found in South Africa two years ago and planted this spring. Anyone who has any guesses of what kind of tree it could be? It has thorns and the leaves pairs up and closes together in the evenings.)
Two of me in vintage clothes:
One from the day we went on our road trip wearing my wonderful sailor Busnel cardigan, and one in a beautiful new to me 60's dress found on a neighbourhood fleamarket last saturday.
Two from the national park of Tiveden:
One of David when he took photos of me standing on a rock that ripped my pants and cut my leg, and one of me looking tiny in the wonderful John Bauer-esque forest.
Two self portraits taken with the TimerCam app:
One when I was bored during my vacation (something that shouldn't even be legal!) and one Triple Selfie (yes, I definitely should be trademarking this). I'm beyond amazed by how the light and the dusty window and ledges cooperates with the iPhone camera so perfectly sometimes!
Two of a very dramatic sky on the evening we returned to Gothenburg after the road trip:
One that I took after David had to stop the car so that I could run out and snap this, and one that David took of me taking the first photo (I love how dramatic David's photo is!).
Two abandoned houses we spotted from the car:
One that we didn't stop for, and one that we got out of the car to look closer at.

And the last photo is also a teaser of what's to come in my third Road Trip post. I can't wait to show you!

Until then:

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Time for a Two Two Two again, and today seems to be mostly about elevators and mirrors. Some days just are like that, right?
Okay, let's go:

Two from the funky elevator of my friends apartment building: One with kisses, and one with sunglasses. You have to choose you know. You can't have both.
Two from a little midnight filming:
One in the elevator with David's fabulously constructed IKEA dustbin/tinfoil lamp, and one from our basement that looks extra scary in the middle of the night.
Two self portraits taken with the TimerCam app:
One showing off my extremely pale legs that never before had seen the sun, and one where I'm sporting my new (and extremely purple) bike shorts.
This last one needs a little more explaining, I think, so I'm stealing the text I wrote on my instagram:
"I'm calling this one 'Philosofical in bike shorts' Remember the horrid bike shorts era? Well, for me it's more a sake of having intact inner thighs than a fashion statement. Because of the extreme heat wave here in Sweden I've had to succumb and leave my beloved tights at home. Yesterday I went on a bike shorts hunt and apparently I'm not the only one with evil inner thighs in war with eachother because the shorts were sold out in every single store except for the sports store. So now I'm a hot pink bike shorts kind of gal. Who would've thought!"

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