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Oh man, look at this dude! It's like don Juan made a baby with a vampire.

And since I have some great news I thought "who could be better suited to be the bearer of good news than this guy? NO ONE!
David and I are relocating to Los Angeles for a few months! Woop woop!
We leave tomorrow so be sure to pop in here often because I will surely be posting about the adventure here on the blog.

Until next time!
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Today's Postcard of the Week is one I found when we were in USA back in november. I think it is the best combination of beautiful and weird.
Man: But mother, I don't want pink flowers! Why are you picking pink flowers for my birthday bouquet? Pink is for girls! I'm a man!

Woman: Oh, stop it! Don't be such a wuss! It's a colour, you don't need your genitals to enjoy the beauty of a colour.

Hehe. You can hear how whiny he sounds, right?

And you know what? The sun is shining! Better get outdoors before it disappears again!

Talk to you soon again.

Woman: Isn't it wonderful that my flower business is going so well!
Man: Yes. Yes, very wonderful.
Woman: Especially after your ludicrous financial business tanked completely. It really is a great feeling to have started something this successful all by myself!
Man: I'm standing right here! I know my business was an utter failure and that I scoffed at you for believing in yourself and your ideas. I KNOW!
Woman: Yay!

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Time for a new Postcard of the Week (that isn't really weekly but whatevs)!
This one is in honor of Halloween and super spooky.
I found it in a little antique shop in the beach town Capitola in California and on the back it says the creepy cabins are old resort buildings in Big Trees Park in Santa Cruz County.
It also says "With the completion of the narrow gauge railway from San Jose to Santa Cruz in 1880, these buildings were erected to serve the many visitors who found the grove a pleasant vacation place."
Yeah, right.
I wonder if they're still standing. It would be amazing to go there and have a look around. Prefarably during daytime. With a car close by. And good cell phone reception. And a fully charged phone. And someone to hold hands with for extra safety.

Until next time:

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