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David and I took turns filming and he made the GIF.
Merry Christmas Everybody!

I made the numbers yesterday in the car on our way to my parents' house when it was totally dark outside so I had to make them completely by feel. Kind of impressed by myself.

I hope you're having a lovely holiday if you are celebrating.
And this is the last of my Christmas GIFs to you, I hope you enjoyed them! I sure loved to make them.
Every single one was fun to make and I'm sure a GIF or two will still pop up here once in a while. So do not feel too sad.

Now let's have a very cozy and nice christmas everybody!
Merry Christmas! God Jul!
Today I did all the filming with our Nikon D7000. David was the GIF maker and drove the car while I was annoying filmer in the seat next to him. So now he knows how it feels.
(And can you tell I'm obsessed with bokeh?)
Going home for Christmas.
As usual when David and I are going somewhere everything takes way longer than we think. This day was no exception. We did the laundry, wrapped christmas gifts and ran around the apartment trying to find things in the mess that always occurs after Nordstan Christmas Fair.
Let's deal with all that after the holidays, now it's time to celebrate christmas!
David and I are the couple in love and David did the filming and GIF making too.
Today is a lovey dovey mushy corny GIF because this day we've been a couple for 7 years!
I had my last day at the Christmas fair in Nordstan and now we are going to celebrate our love at a restaurant eating nice food and look dreamily into eachothers eyes.
David is filmer of GIF and filmer in GIF. I am apparently not bouncy enough.
He's such a tough director! Look at me, I think I was doing a great job, looking all happy and bouncy.
But apparently it wasn't good enough.

Today was Amazing! I sold so many jewelry pieces and even though we were open for two hours less today I feel exhausted now. It must be because it was so much people in the mall and so much to do.
But no sofa for me yet. David are filming a horror short and I got the part of the scared woman. So time to get scared!

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