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David is responsible for the photoshop craziness, I'm the puffy face and flimsy handwriting.
Hahah! This card cracks me up every time I look at it! It's so insane and I look absolutely crazy in it.
I wonder what they were thinking in France a hundred or so years ago. "Oh, what is the most christmasy thing we can think of: A baby on a pole under a white umbrella with weird stuff hanging from it, of course!"

Well, it was obvious, wasn't it?
David is behind the photoshop tricks and I'm the cute face and awesome handwriting.
I'm home from my last day at the christmas fair and I'm tired and happy.
It's been going so well and I've been meeting so many lovely customers and selling lots of jewelry pieces and photos.
Tomorrow it's back to my other work but on friday I'm officially in christmas mode.

Now I can hear the sofa calling my name from the livingroom. Time to keep it company.
David is responsible for the photoshop magic and I'm the puffy face and flimsy penmanship.
And let me wish a Not So Very Merry Christmas to the old man who first bought jewelry from me and then told me I had great breasts. I really didn't want your opinion on that.

Another great day at the christmas fair in Nordstan. It's been a hectic day with lots of sweet customers, but around lunch time it was a big rally with teenage kids screaming and behaving very bad in some sort of revenge mob because of a girl who apparently had uploaded pictures of other teenage girls and writing bad stuff about them. Police were there and tried to keep everything calm but I heard it was chaos right outside the doors of the mall. Very scary. I hate how people can come together in a mob like that and just don't think further than themselves.

Let's hope tomorrow will be rally free, customer filled and less boob fixated.

The photoshop wizard is David. The smiling face and handwriting is all me.
This has been an awesome day!
I think I sold more today than I did the entire week I was in Nordstan in november.
Everybody has been in shopping mode, they have been kind to me and I've received so many compliments and sweet words about my work. And my smile.
You can see on the picture above how amazing my smile is...
Or maybe not.
The nice thing is that when somebody compliments your smile you can't keep from smiling even bigger and brighter. It's so easy.
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