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Time for a Two Two Two again (with the now traditional bonus Two's for extra fun).

Two from an evening walk when everything seemed spooky:
One that looks like a poster for an awesome animated movie, and one that looks like a poster for a horror movie set in the medieval times.
Two baked goods that I ate:
One Semla at a café, and a plate of cardemom buns that I made for David's birthday back in january.
Two photos of me in my new feminist tshirts:
One standing in the Lights Out Hallway with a tshirt that says "Feminist", and one sitting strangely on a kitchen chair with a tshirt that says "Smash the patriarchy".
Two evening walks:
One from the cemetery close to where we live when it was all snowy and cold, and one from Rörum, yesterday, when we went to say hello to the tree where we got married (in 2013).
Two from Palmhuset (The Palm-tree House) in Gothenburg when I was there with my dad a couple of weeks ago:
One of my dad and all the camelias, and one of me in the tropical room.
Two self portraits at that great spot by the window:
One in colour with me standing on tiptoes to get my tights into the photo, and one in black and white with me looking pensive.
Two amazing soups that I've made lately:
One fish stew (recipe in swedish here ), and one Creamy Spiced Cauliflower soup (recipe in english here ).
Two self portraits wearing the same clothes (that happen to be my favourite outfit at the moment). Brown sweater from H&M at least five years ago, velvet skirt from BlackMilk, olive green tights and rust orange thigh high socks scrunched down to just above the knee from Sockdreams and boots from G Star Raw:
One depicting the emotions of being sick in what appears to have been the flu or an especially evil cold for two weeks, and one of me yesterday when I got high on sunshine and vitamine D and could feel the health coming back to me.
And that was all for this time.

Hope you're having a nice weekend, dear friends and readers.


Yesterday David and I couldn't wait anymore! We wanted to go film in the woods, snow and cold weather be damned!
So we put on lots and lots of clothes, packed the car and went to that place I told you about in my last post.
We thought it would be less snow in the woods because of all the trees... HA! Stupid city folk!
There was so much snow! And nobody had walked there before us so it was all untouched and incredibly beautiful.
We had planned for a film set in a mossy green forest but this, this was just even more amazing!
The long walk was tricky but beautiful and I had to stop and take photos along the way.
Look at my feet. Yeah.
We hadn't even reached our destination yet and they already looked like that. I'm not really known for my weather appropriate (appropriate schmappropriate) clothes and even though these particular shoes are my most responsible ones they are not meant to hike in snow like this for hours...
Trees were bowing under the heavy snow.
And on top of the hill there was a little red cottage.
I am so curious how in earth they got the material up there to build that thing! There are no roads and the paths are sometimes very tight. I just don't get it.
It's perfecly situated on top of a hill with a wonderful view over a lake, so I definitely understand wanting the cottage at that exact spot.
An old house structure (or something like that) with snow covered stairs.
Hard to see but the small path goes underneath that fallen tree. We could stand underneath it with the tree barely touching our heads.
It was so extremely cold though and after a few hours it was impossible to keep the longing for warmth out of our minds. We kept going for another hour or so. Coffee and fried egg sandwiches helped a little but after four hours it was just not happening anymore. We could no longer feel our feet and hands, more than an instense aching, and it felt really weird to walk on feet that didn't know when they touched the ground.
So we gave up for the day and went home.
We promised to return as quickly as our shoes had dryed and that will hopefully be tomorrow.
The weather is supposed to be warmer then. Yay for our hands and feet, but possibly not so good for the beautiful scenery.
We'll just have to hope for the best.
When we came home and shredded our cold and wet clothes in favour of warm and dry ones, we heated some soup and cozied up under blankets for the rest of the evening. It is quite interesting how the body feels extremely cold at the same time as the skin feels like a furnace.

And if we go back tomorrow we will experience it all over again.

(I'm thinking of covering my feet with first a pair of socks, then plastic bags, then another pair of socks on top of that to keep the wet snow from reaching my feet. Ingenious, right?)

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Notice anything different around here?
Larger photos, new links on the side, new font and so on.
I am also working on some bigger changes of this place, but we're taking it slowly so it won't be a big reveal, you'll just notice new stuff happening over time (maybe a little reveal, if I can't contain my excitement).

Anyway! David and I have been scoping out forests lately. We were in a hunt for the perfect location for some filming, and we think we have found it!
Then the snow came and destroyed our weekend filming plans.
So instead of spending the sunday filming we've been fixing with this site and eating pancakes. Not too bad, but lets hope the snow melts away soon so we can get to work!

First location to check out was the nature reserve Ängsgårdsbergen right next to the Botanical Garden here in Gothenburg. I had read that they had a group of Japanese pine trees that looked incredible on the photos I managed to google my way to.
So on tuesday we went in search of those.

We found them! And O'boy were they beautiful!
Such a great, moody feel to this place.
Sadly the area was a little bit to small for the project we had in mind. But we're definitely filing this in the "must film something here" part of our brains.
Slow dancing with a Japanese pine tree. Hands on its ass, of course.
When we happened upon a little stream I had to try my rubber boots in the water. They're doing their job perfectly!
And then there was an area of Japanes birch trees too. Also very filmic looking but way too small a place for what we have in mind.
But a neat spot for photos!
I made a cute little GIF that you can see here .
And then, on wednesday we went half an hour by car outside of Gothenburg, to Iglekärr Gammelskog that is one of the really old forests in this part of Sweden. We had decided that this was the place we wanted so we packed our car with camera equipment and I dolled up accordingly and had my cape on.
We didn't know what was waiting...
We knew beforehand that we would have to walk for a while.
This was the easy part.
Soon we were starting to get tired becuase the roads were very steep, it had started to rain, and we had a lot of things to carry (I hide everything under my cape).
And then it turned even harder. The trail pointed upwards, at many places the path was completely covered in water and we had to walk over rocks, roots and through thick vegetaion to reach the place we had read about.
But then, when we were so tired that we could hardly take another step and our arms were sore from all the carrying we started to get deeper and deeper into the woods.
We decided that Yes, this is the place where we're going to film but not today. It was starting to get dark and the wind had picked up around us. We needed to walk the long trek back to the car before it got dark because it would be impossible to find our way back without light! (Plus, my perfectly combed hair had turned into a more wet and wild style and that is NOT what we're after for this project!).
But first things first: Fried egg sandwiches and coffee!
We sat on a fallen tree trunk and ate our own packed excursion food, and I said to David: We have become "outdoorsy"! When on earth did that happen?!

The way back to the car went fairly quick because it was all downhill. Plus, we had the added strength from fried egg sandwiches and coffee!

So, let's hope for some mild weather in the coming week! We will not be able to make that trek with ice and snow underneath our feet, it was difficult enough as it was.
But that place, it was just magical! You'll see...

I thought since it was forever since I blogged about my day to day life it would be appropriate with a little catching up, right?

So let's start in november when David and I went to Los Angeles.
In a plane somewhere over Utah. Earth is quite extraordinary, don't you think?
Tall and shiny buildings. Things we don't have that much of in Sweden.
Sunshine in november. Things we don't have at all in Sweden.
Good for me then that I bought a pair of white rubber boots (I call them my "Storm Trooper Boots" for obvious reasons) that I got good use of straight away when we came back home to Gothenburg.
We went to our hometown Jönköping over the weekend to visit our families.
The weather was rainy and dreadful. Reststop posing is not David's main sport.
We went for a walk one evening.
And I danced a little at a rainy skate park.
One of the reasons we went to Jönköping was because I had a birthday present to receive. I had wished for a fleamarket shopping day with my mother and I found so many great things! This wonderful green tweed coat, for example.
Here I am, all happy, outside the office supply store because I had lots of stuff to buy before my week at the christmas fair!
At the christmas fair in the shopping mall Nordstan! I was there every day the week before christmas with my jewelry.
Arranging things before the customers arrive.
On december 22 David and I celebrated 8 years together and I dressed up accordingly. This is the dress I bought from a Lights Out fan in Los Angeles by the way. It will forever be called the Lights Out dress because of that.
Awww, don't we look cute?!
We went to a really lovely restaurant and had a nice dinner.
And then we went home to our families for christmas.
The snow arrived promptly before christmas dinner.
And everyone was happy with their christmas gifts.
It was very cold on christmas day. David and I went for a walk.
To the lake Munksjön in the centre of Jönköping. The moon hung prettily in the sky.
Oh, Astor, you silly bundle of fluff!
Back in Gothenburg again we got a visit from my sister and her kids. David and my niece Hilda made this drawing together. Well, Hilda told David what to draw.
I got the itch to clean (happens once in a blue moon) and sorted though all my jewelry and knick knacks sitting on the bathroom floor, drinking coffee and listening to podcasts.
It was super foggy in Gothenburg around new years. Our neighbourhood looked a little bit like Hogwarts.
A few hours later when the snow had turned into grey mush Gothenburg looked miserable again.
One weekend our friends (and wedding witnesses) Aili and Jonas came to visit us. It had been so long since we last saw eachother and we had a couple of great days together. Visited the enormous antique store Antikladan. Aili and Jonas found a great lamp for their new place. David and I were broke though so we only looked. That place is huge so it's an adventure in itself just to find the way through it without getting lost.
And it was sun that day! Wonderful!
And I found a girlfriend!
This coat had been missing a button for a long time and then the other day I found it! When I sewed it on I noticed that the coat had an extra button sewn into the lining so I hadn't really needed to search high and low for the missing one. Well, well.
Happy to be able to wear this lovely coat again!
Last week I was a month early to a meeting. Silly me.
It was early in the morning and David and I had decided to eat breakfast at a café after my (non existing) meeting. On our way there the largest snowflakes I've ever seen started to fall from the sky. Some of them landed on David's eyebrows and eyelashes.
A view from our balcony the day the storm flew in. It was quite scary actually. It's hard to sleep when the windows are rattling and the entire walls are trembling. They closed off the street below ours because a roof had flown off a bulding. Storms are scary.
Just a self portrait in the Lights Out hallway to capture the outfit I wore that day.
It was one of those days when you don't really think things through, but it turns out alright anyways.
The white cardigan is an old thrift find that I keep in a plastic bag in my wardrobe because it's so fuzzy and fluffy. The skirt is my velvet skirt that I use almost every day.
Fluffiness and velvet is not really a good match, but it worked out fine because as it happens there's not much fluff left in the cardigan anymore.
Yesterday I had a little conversation with myself.
Oh, and I made a thing. Go follow me there if you aren't already!

I'm off to bake banana bread now because a friend is coming over for tea later!
Talk to you soon.

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