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I'm in serious vacation mode and can't understand how the days seem to be disappearing a whole lot faster than normally.
There HAVE been days though, the photos in my iPhone tells me so, and when looking through them today I thought it would be nice to take a little peek at what's been going on these past weeks.
Light testing in the Sandberg/Losten household looks a little bit like this.
One day my sister came to Gothenburg and we spent a big part of the afternoon in this park with flamingo showers. My niece and nephew are cuter than possible.
My new sunglasses arrived! The golden shades are a little bit too shiny but the black ones are fantastic.
My dear friend Fia who lives in South Africa is in Sweden visiting family and friends. She came to Gothenburg for a few days and it was absolutely wonderful to see her! Fia is the one in the middle, hugged by Kristin and me. The little cutey on the ground is Fia's daughter Moya.
Fia's husband Christo and little baby Moya again.
David helped me make my video for This Growing Collection. This is from the first of two days of filming, during the wonderful golden hour.
I worked hard on getting everything ready for launch last monday.
Took a break to catch the last rays of sunshine in my hair.
As a rule my hair seems to look the best when it's time to go to bed.
Here you can clearly see my anger and frustration at the entire situation.
Last week I cut my hair for the first time in about 15 months. It was about time.
As always the hairdresser insists on flattening my hair to the point of ridiculousness. It looks sort of nice in this photo but in real life it looks weird. Like I haven't got any hair at all. I have really thin hair but the natural waves makes it look a lot thicker and I just don't understand how hairdressers can't understand that flat and shiny is not always a good thing.
One morning we were out of coffee filters and I do what I always do when that happens (Yes, it's a reccuring thing).
Toilet paper!
I have the character Lelaina Pierce in the wonderful 90's movie Reality Bites to thank for this useful tip.
Yep, it works surprisingly well and only tastes a little papery...
And here's a glimpse of how it is to be married to David.
You'll get a drawing of a cat pushed under the door while you're on the toilet.
Who needs a cat when you can have a David?
The day after I released This Growing Collection was a slow and tired kind of day. Didn't do much more than take this self portrait.
David and I went to Österlen for a few days.
On our way to the family house we always drive through this wonderful beech forest. This time we decided to go back there to take some photos and explore a little.
What we found though was a fairytale forest right next to all the beech trees!
We loved it so much we had to go back the day after as well.
I got an idea during the night and the last thing I said to David before I fell asleep was "We need to go back to the forest again tomorrow!" So back we went.
I took a lot of photos and hopefully I can show them to you soon.
Both of these photos are taken with the self timer app TimerCam and edited with Snapseed.
An evening walk in a painting.
On saturday my mother, David and I went to the garden cafe Kaffestugan Alunbruket. Such a beautiful place!
Astor the cat was adorable as always.
On our last evening in Rörum for this time David and I took a walk through the little village and talked about creativity, film ideas and autumn arriving.
I can feel it in the air, summer is almost over. The best season is coming.

Hello, Hej, Hi, Hallå!
Summer came to Gothenburg like it was in an extreme hurry. It's so warm and green and wonderful!
A little over a week ago it had just turned spring though and David and I were in my family's house in Rörum, Österlen for a couple of days.
We did what we always do when we're there: went for a walk to check on "our" tree where we got married (8 months ago now!) last summer.
Let's take a walk, shall we?
Outrun by a hen.
Hello Lonely Tree!
Obligatory self timer photos of us.
My hair is all over the place, David's too.
Cutesy husband being all adorable.
Raunchy wifey being all climby.
Cut to dreamy photos of pretty tree blossom.
Well, hello there!
We walked to the waterfall Forsamölla and looked at it from above. (Here you can see some pictures I took of the waterfall a couple of years ago)
This blurry photo is of David when he almost fell off a rock while filming me screaming my Vårskrik (Scream of spring, from the book and movie Ronja Rövardotter by Astrid Lindgren). It's a must, to scream for spring once every year. Now you know.
Backsippa! Dont know the english word for it.
See our tree in the distance? And the greenhouse in the middle is where we had our wedding reception. Wonderful place!
Say Hi to Astor the cat. He has one crooked whisker.
And he is a bit tired of me taking photos of him...

So that was all from Österlen this time.
Today I have lots to do and I've already checked off a bunch of things on the list. Yaay me!
Hope your weekend was splendid. Mine was! It included beer with my friends in Teater Esther, walks, lunch at a café in the sun with David, LOTS of jewelry making, an evening run over the cemetery and MANY MANY episodes of my latest tv series addiction Lost Girl (A bit like a cross of Buffy the vampire slayer, the X-files and Supernatural with great female characters and I LOVE how they don't fall into too many gender stereotypes. Oh, and how it depicts sexuality is GREAT! Can you tell I'm hooked?)

Well, that was all from me today.
Have a fabulous week, dear friends and readers!

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Hello! I'm back with the promised Christmas post!
I have been sick for a few days and haven't left the sofa much so it feels great to be up and energized again.
I took a lot of photos this christmas, mostly of my nephew and niece since they are both adorable and seems to love the camera. When they grow up there are going to be so many photos of them that I can use as bribes and/or extortions. Can't wait!
Well let's get on with it then! Here's my christmas in photos:
David and I didn't have a christmas tree because we always spend our holiday in the town Jönköping where we grew up. My parents always have a very nice tree though so I get to look at that.
My nephew Alfred seems to be all about the working out. If he continues like this he's going to be completely made out of muscles in only a few years. Hope not, I won't be having anything to talk to him about if that happens. I'll be the aunt forcing him to the theatre, concerts and feeding him with cakes to counteract all this fitness madness.
Here he is posing infront of the christmas tree.
Mulled wine and gingerbread cookies at three o'clock when all of Sweden gathers infront of the tv to watch snippets from Disney cartoons. This is such a weird thing. Nobody really cares about it anymore but it's a more important tradition than christmas food so nobody dares question it. Well, no not really, my family hasn't watched it for years now but since there are wild kids in the house now it seemed like a good idea.
Then Santa came! Well, my dad really but don't tell Hilda and Alfred.
Astor the cat got ribbons. Oh, and Hilda turned into Pippi Longstocking.
(By the way, if you look closely you can see that Astor has a big birthmark inside his mouth.)
Hilda Longstocking was excited/happy/a bit scared.
Astor was looking with jealousy and longing at Alfreds ribbon. Or maybe he was just impressed with Alfreds ribbon skills. Who knows.
Pippi-Cat Longstocking with her Mamma Mu book in hand. Why stick to ONE character when you can be all at once?
Oh my. I need to have this photo on my wall.
Photo by David.
Alfred laughing at one of my sublime jokes.
Photo by David.
And this, as you can see, is what happens when you blow air into Alfreds head.
Then Hilda made Kladdkaka.
She had the bowl for herself.
Look. At. That. Face.
Heh, Auntie Lotta is one crazy paparazzi.

So that was my christmas!
Today I will actually get to see these two ragruts again since they are in Gothenburg for the week.
But before that I have one banana cake to bake and some necklace pendants to list in my shop.
Hope you have a nice wednesday, see you again soon!

Yes, yes, I know. I've been a very bad blogger lately. I'm so sorry but I've been busy, tired, bored and then I caught a cold that had me laying in the sofa all day long for four days. Now I'm almost healthy and very happy to be blogging again.
So, it's been christmas, right?
I have some photos to show you, so here we go!
Astor the Cat and Sneaky Santa.
I was looking extra fancy for David's and my anniversary day.
Even got some love from Astor that day. He is a sweet and fat cat.
The day before christmas eve was christmas for David and me. We exchanged christmas gifts first thing in the morning.
David got this from me. We had seen it months ago in a video on youtube and laughed at it and now it was time to try it...
We were watching the video at the same time because the japanese instructions on the box wasn't all easy to understand.
Lots of tiny bags of powder to mix with water...
Making dough...
And the finished plate! Hahaha! This is so absurd. It tastes like hamburger!
Dinner at my parent's one evening.
The morning of christmas eve. Astor the cat want's to get that hugged and loved feeling and takes what he can get.
A couple of days after christmas my sister and niece came to visit.
It was so nice to see them!
David and I had to go back home the day after so we didn't have that much time with them.

Now it's a new year and I have lots to look forward to this year. I think it will be a marvelous 2013 actually.
I'm going to make a 2012 recap soon, I promise I wont leave you for over a week this time.

Bye for now dear friends and readers! I hope your christmas and new years eve was lovely.
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