It's the first of december everybody!
As most of my swedish readers might now I have a tradition here at Every year I have an advent calender with a specific theme that will keep me busy every day up until christmas.
The first year it was Lottas Lucköppning which was a celebration to all the small doors/windows in every day life. It's sort of a pun on the advent calender traditon of opening a door every day up until christmas eve.
The next year it was Lottas Hjulkalender. Another word pun. The swedish word for christmas is Jul but if you put and H infront of the word it means wheel instead. Haha, I'm so incredibly funny.
Last year it was time for Lottas Juleljus that translates to Lotta's christmas lights where I added one candle for every day.

Well. THIS year I'm proud to introduce to you: Lotta's christmas cards!
With help from my dear David I will pop up in 24 old christmas cards that will have a (more or less) specific receiver every day.
All the way up until christmas eve (because that's when we celebrate christmas here in Sweden).

By the way. I look EXACTLY like my aunt on this photo... Well, a scary version of my aunt, because she's nice and I look pure evil here.
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Photoshop skills by David on the first photo. The wiggly handwriting is all mine.
It's freezing here in Gothenburg today.
Nature must have realised it's december now and it's actually supposed to be cold in Sweden.
Well, I'm not a fan.
Have a nice evening everybody, you'll find me under the blanket with a cup of tea, if you want anything.
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Photoshop wizard: David. Facial expressions and penmanship: me.
Hehe. Yeah.
I'm quite scary looking as a man.
Good to know.
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It's interesting, all of this snow. It changes the light outside as well as inside. Even if I'm not looking towards a window I can see that there's snow outside. It's lighter and it even smells different. It smells like christmas coming. I know it's still weeks ahead, but I kind of like the cozy feeling it brings.
I know I will hate the snow soon, but until then I'll be all Aaaah, christmas wonderland and twinkly lights joyful.
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As usual, David is the photoshop expert and I am all about the facial expressions and handwriting.
Okay, I know I look really scary but I promise I haven't taken these kids. No, really. I'm not trying to hide them or anything. And the big girl did have a pair of gloves on her hands just before this. I'm not totally unresponsible you know.
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Hard to see maybe, but I'm the evil looking kid in the middle.
Why am I always looking evil/scary when applied to old photos? Is this the real me, I just didn't know it before?
Or as my friend J told me she thought when she first looked at these photos: How did Lotta get cards that have scary pictures that sort of look like her?
Wouldn't that be totally amazing if I had lookalikes on christmas cards from all throughout the history of time. Let's say that's how it is instead. Forget about David and his photoshop skills.
This is real.
As usual: David is the photoshop master and I'm just the owner of the gorgeous face and wiggly handwriting.
OMG I'm so cute here!!
I need to get this haircut some day. Look at those curls!
Okay, stop staring at myself now. STOP IT!

David is the photoshop wizard. I'm the face and penmanship.
The finnish words on the card translates to Man cannot survive on bread alone.
So true. But if you add different kinds of toppings and maybe scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and vegetables and oh, cheese of course, then it would be a brunch and you COULD survive on brunch alone. I'm quite sure of it.
David is working the photoshop magic and I'm the blissful face and flimsy handwriting.
Feeling all warm and full of love today.
It's just one those days, you know.
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Like every day: David is responsible for the photoshop madness and I'm the evil face and cute handwriting.
Hahah! I love this card!
They look absolutely evil! (Okay, I know I'm not in the original card but I promise, that girl looked exactly the same as I do!)
I don't think I've ever seen a scarier christmas card.
These girls would fit perfectly in a holiday themed scary movie, with this card as the movie poster. People would have nightmares for weeks.
I would call it Christmas Spirit.
Photoshop wizard: David. Old lady face and childish handwriting: Me.
This is one of the weirdest christmas cards I've found so far, I think. What's up with the giant wine bottle and the bag of money and why, oh why, are these things in the hands of two children?

And yeah, I know I look like an old lady here. There, I said it. Stop bullying me.
Photoshop master: David. Crazy face and bad penmanship: Me.
Hehe. Wan't to know something funny?
I look exactly the same here as the original girl in this card did.
Pretty, but not very bright.
Yeah, that's definitely me.
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David is the one waving the photoshop magic wand and I'm the vicious face and flimsy handwriting.
Tip of the day: Do not spend your money on seeing The Hobbit in the cinema.
Two and a half hour of total boredom and then maybe 20 minutes of quite okay. The scene with Bilbo and Gollum is reallyn good. It's in the last half hour of the movie. Before that: Badly acted, horribly executed BOREDOM!

Oh, and yes- I'm definitely stealing these kids. You can see it in my eyes.
David is the photoshop magician and I'm just the stupid face and the wobbly penmanship.
I'm not sure this girl knows how to play the violin... Isn't it supposed to be held the other way around? And not hanging from the arm but up on the sholder?
Well, I'm not any better, so who am I to judge?

As a little christmas gift to all of you, customers and friends, I'm offering a 15% discount on everything in my shop.
Just write coupon code YULETIDE when you're in checkout.
Lots of pretty and unique jewlery and photographs.

As usual David waves the photoshop wand and I'm the scary face and quite okay handwriting (Yeah, I'm getting better at this Bamboo tablet writing thing, don't you think?).
I'm not sure wether this girl is looking forward to christmas or if she's just trying (and the word is trying) to look like she is...

Now I'm off to work and on today's schedule is Gingerbread baking.
I think that might be the best work task ever.
David is the photoshop expert and I'm the face and wiggly handwriting.
So this is me as a boy again. Equally as disturbing as me as a girl, I guess. These christmas card looks are not doing me any favours.
But it sure is fun, and that's all that matters.

Tonight I'm preparing for three days at the christmas fair in Nordstan. I will have a spot right in front of the large store Åhléns if anybody wants to pop by and say hi. Monday, tuesday and wednesday I will be there all day so the christmas cards will be posted a little bit later on those days, just so you know.
I hope for a million customers! Okay, maybe not a million, but MANY.
Christmas shoppers come to me!
The photoshop wizard is David. The smiling face and handwriting is all me.
This has been an awesome day!
I think I sold more today than I did the entire week I was in Nordstan in november.
Everybody has been in shopping mode, they have been kind to me and I've received so many compliments and sweet words about my work. And my smile.
You can see on the picture above how amazing my smile is...
Or maybe not.
The nice thing is that when somebody compliments your smile you can't keep from smiling even bigger and brighter. It's so easy.
David is responsible for the photoshop magic and I'm the puffy face and flimsy penmanship.
And let me wish a Not So Very Merry Christmas to the old man who first bought jewelry from me and then told me I had great breasts. I really didn't want your opinion on that.

Another great day at the christmas fair in Nordstan. It's been a hectic day with lots of sweet customers, but around lunch time it was a big rally with teenage kids screaming and behaving very bad in some sort of revenge mob because of a girl who apparently had uploaded pictures of other teenage girls and writing bad stuff about them. Police were there and tried to keep everything calm but I heard it was chaos right outside the doors of the mall. Very scary. I hate how people can come together in a mob like that and just don't think further than themselves.

Let's hope tomorrow will be rally free, customer filled and less boob fixated.

David is behind the photoshop tricks and I'm the cute face and awesome handwriting.
I'm home from my last day at the christmas fair and I'm tired and happy.
It's been going so well and I've been meeting so many lovely customers and selling lots of jewelry pieces and photos.
Tomorrow it's back to my other work but on friday I'm officially in christmas mode.

Now I can hear the sofa calling my name from the livingroom. Time to keep it company.
David is responsible for the photoshop craziness, I'm the puffy face and flimsy handwriting.
Hahah! This card cracks me up every time I look at it! It's so insane and I look absolutely crazy in it.
I wonder what they were thinking in France a hundred or so years ago. "Oh, what is the most christmasy thing we can think of: A baby on a pole under a white umbrella with weird stuff hanging from it, of course!"

Well, it was obvious, wasn't it?
Yeah, yeah, you know the drill. David does the photoshop stuff and I'm the face and handwriting.
Ahhhh, busy busy busy! So many gifts to wrap, so many things to pack!
Can't spend any time here, so byeeeeee! See you tomorrow for an extra super cute card. With a guest appearance!
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Look! David is in the card too today!
We are celebrating our 6 years together with a nice meal at the restaurant where we last year made our engagement official. We had decided a few months before that on our anniversary day we were going to get engaged. Our rings hadn't made it to us yet so we painted rings on eachother's fingers with markers.
David really is my favourite person and I can't believe how lucky I am to have this crazy and wonderful man in my life. Sappy, I know. But so true.
Next year we are getting married. So grown up! But we are doing it our way. No church, no priest, no big fancy wedding. Just us and our love for eachother.
Oh, I'm going to start crying if I continue with this emotional stuff.

One more thing: Jag älskar dig, David.
And as usual David is responsible for putting my face on the postcard and I'm all about the photo modelling and penmanship.
I'm so full I can't move.
And there's so much christmas candy to try!
Only one more card to go now. I feel kind of sad, it's been so much fun! But don't worry, Postcard of the week will return soon again so you'll get your dose of vintage postcards.

Oh, time to try the liqourice fudge that my mother just made!
David is the photoshop master and I'm the evil looking face and the handwriting.
Merry Christmas everybody! God jul!

I'm wearing my most christmasy outfit, white over the knee socks and cardigan, my hair all curly. I'm so ready for the day!

Here in Sweden we celebrate today so this is the last christmas card in this advent calendar.
Have a lovely holiday everybody!

/The evil looking angel
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