Notice anything different around here?
Larger photos, new links on the side, new font and so on.
I am also working on some bigger changes of this place, but we're taking it slowly so it won't be a big reveal, you'll just notice new stuff happening over time (maybe a little reveal, if I can't contain my excitement).

Anyway! David and I have been scoping out forests lately. We were in a hunt for the perfect location for some filming, and we think we have found it!
Then the snow came and destroyed our weekend filming plans.
So instead of spending the sunday filming we've been fixing with this site and eating pancakes. Not too bad, but lets hope the snow melts away soon so we can get to work!

First location to check out was the nature reserve Ängsgårdsbergen right next to the Botanical Garden here in Gothenburg. I had read that they had a group of Japanese pine trees that looked incredible on the photos I managed to google my way to.
So on tuesday we went in search of those.

We found them! And O'boy were they beautiful!
Such a great, moody feel to this place.
Sadly the area was a little bit to small for the project we had in mind. But we're definitely filing this in the "must film something here" part of our brains.
Slow dancing with a Japanese pine tree. Hands on its ass, of course.
When we happened upon a little stream I had to try my rubber boots in the water. They're doing their job perfectly!
And then there was an area of Japanes birch trees too. Also very filmic looking but way too small a place for what we have in mind.
But a neat spot for photos!
I made a cute little GIF that you can see here .
And then, on wednesday we went half an hour by car outside of Gothenburg, to Iglekärr Gammelskog that is one of the really old forests in this part of Sweden. We had decided that this was the place we wanted so we packed our car with camera equipment and I dolled up accordingly and had my cape on.
We didn't know what was waiting...
We knew beforehand that we would have to walk for a while.
This was the easy part.
Soon we were starting to get tired becuase the roads were very steep, it had started to rain, and we had a lot of things to carry (I hide everything under my cape).
And then it turned even harder. The trail pointed upwards, at many places the path was completely covered in water and we had to walk over rocks, roots and through thick vegetaion to reach the place we had read about.
But then, when we were so tired that we could hardly take another step and our arms were sore from all the carrying we started to get deeper and deeper into the woods.
We decided that Yes, this is the place where we're going to film but not today. It was starting to get dark and the wind had picked up around us. We needed to walk the long trek back to the car before it got dark because it would be impossible to find our way back without light! (Plus, my perfectly combed hair had turned into a more wet and wild style and that is NOT what we're after for this project!).
But first things first: Fried egg sandwiches and coffee!
We sat on a fallen tree trunk and ate our own packed excursion food, and I said to David: We have become "outdoorsy"! When on earth did that happen?!

The way back to the car went fairly quick because it was all downhill. Plus, we had the added strength from fried egg sandwiches and coffee!

So, let's hope for some mild weather in the coming week! We will not be able to make that trek with ice and snow underneath our feet, it was difficult enough as it was.
But that place, it was just magical! You'll see...

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