David and I decided it was high time we visited the family summer house for a few days of writing and clearing our heads a little.
It's been rainy and miserable in Gothenburg lately so we were so happy to wake up to wonderful sunshine yesterday.
I decided to document the entire day because I've really missed that kind of blogging.
So, here's my entire day yesterday.
Woke up late. We always do that here.
The first two days are sort of foggy too, especially in winter because the house is warming up after a couple of cold months, so it's cold and a bit damp before both the house and we have gotten used to the whole thing. The day after we arrived we were so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open.
Well, that was a sidetrack, let's continue with yesterday.
Breakfast was two avocado toasts with salt and pepper, and a cople of cups of coffee with milk.
A pile of orange cloves.
Drank some more coffee and checked the internet for a while.
(And check out that little fruit sticker underneath my slippers. It's still there, I can't be bothered to remove it right now. Mabe later.)
Then we went out for a walk. Walked past the hen houses.
Said hello to some hens.
Bright sunlight behind hay bales.
And then we heard someone calling for us. We turned around and this little fellow was running towards us. Such a cutie!
We love eachother.
I always wish I weren't allergic when we meet one of these super friendly cats around here. I can be around them for a few days but it won't really work out having them in my home. So sad.
For a video with this adorable cat click here .
We said goodbye to our new friend and walked to our tree. It's ours because we got married underneath it in august 2013.
Over the stile we went.
And up the steep hill.
And then we had to catch our breaths for a while.
And check out the beautiful view.
It was very windy and cold up there. As you can see.
Took a few self timer photos of us too, of course.
And then we began our walk down the hill again.
To say hello to all the sheep!
(And sorry to the sheep in the front who got himself captured on photo while pooping...)
Flowers in wintertime.
When we got back to the house it started to get dark outside so we heated the fish stew we made the day before. I found the recipe online (it's in swedish though) and we're definitely making this one again! Lots of vegetables, lemon, oranges, chili flakes and thyme makes this soup a wonderfully spicy taste explosion.
After dinner I sat and edited photos from way back in november. I'm so behind on this!
Then I read through what David and I have been writing on.
This is our set up when we're here by the way. We eat on one side of the table and work on the other.
And a poke on the nose is absolutely necessary, of course.
Back to editing again. And looking up at my beautiful husband once in a while.
Clementines and coffee kept me going.
(Love Love Love that mug! We got it from friends as a wedding gift and it stays here in this house so I'm always happy when I get to use it.)
Listened to podcasts and worked by our computers until our tummies started to growl. Sandwiches with crisp apples on them is super tasty so don't knock it until you've tried it, alright!

And then it was night and time for bed.
So that was my day yesterday. Hope you liked to see this little glimpse into my life.

See you soon again!

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