Hello hello hello!

So sorry for my week long absence! It was not how I planned it but work and a stupid cold came between me and my photo editing.
I'm back now though and thought I'd finally share the photos from our last day of our road trip.
This will have to be split into two posts because we did so many fun things on this day and visited extremely cool places so it's just not possible to squeeze it all into one single post.
So! Here's part one of our Anniversary Road Trip Adventure!
We had read about an old railway bridge in the little town of Jössefors so we went in search for that first thing in the morning.
David made it all the way down the steep, I was not as brave.
David made a friend.
Such a beautiful place!
Me trying to look like a character in a Wes Anderson movie.
Stopped at a gas station for some (incredibly disgusting) coffee.
We were heading for a car cemetery in the middle of the woods close to the Norwegian border but on our way there we spotted a building that we just had to look closer at.
The jacket still hanging on the wall. I think that made the most impact on me.
The entire second floor had collapsed.
Outer wall.
After this we were already high on adventure but little did we know that our next destination was going to be even more incredible!
The Car Cemetery!
I will show you around this extremely weird, and even beautiful, place in my next post that hopefully will be up on sunday!

Until then:

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