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Today I have a post for you that has been lying unedited on my computer since july. I just haven't had the time (or memory) to edit and post it but now, finally, here it is!
David and I found half a bridge one day when we were driving around during one of our visits to Österlen, and we thought "Huh! What was that?!? Was that really half a bridge in the middle of nowhere?!"
So obviously we had to go back and have a look one evening armed with our cameras.
This was before we bought our Nikon D7000 so these photos are taken with my old Nikon D80.
The bridge is situated in a tiny town called Gärsnäs. We parked the car and crossed the train tracks.
The bridge!
We found our way underneath the bridge. The sun was setting and it was almost magical.
I both like and find it sad how the tree had made it all around the metal thingy but still someone came and chopped it down. Seems unnecessary, doesn't it? And kind of evil, sort of Ha! We waited until you thought you made it and then BAM! We killed you!
All of a sudden we heard a sound! We turned around and realised we had company by a cat who seemed to hang out there every day by the way it moved around so familiarly.
I understand how the cat must love this place because it was so beautiful! Like a jungle ruin from another time.
David was eager to get to the part of the bridge where it ends abruptly into nothing.
Sadly we couldn't find any way to get up there. David tried though...
Without success.
The cat had spotted something in the high grass.
Still looking for ways to get up there.
Looking back the way we came.
I took the opportunity to dance among the pillars.
Trying to do something acrobatic and realising I don't know how to so ending up doing this instead.
Aaahh, magical place!
David in the middle.
There in the distance you can see the end of the bridge. It just stops there.
David checking to see if it's open. Of course it wasn't.
Checking another door. It was open. But it was nothing intersting to see in there. I love the light in this photo though. So pretty.
Then I set up the camera to play with the timer. David was patiently waiting for me to prepare all the settings.
Obligatory kissing picture.
And then some goofing around.

Look at David's hand! Haha, so cute!
Then it was time to leave and we went back to the car and spotted the cat one more time. I think he followed us around to see what we were up to.

I really love to go on this kind of photo adventure with David. Taking lots of photos and discover interesting/beautiful/weird/fun places together.
Today it's three months since we got married. These photos were taken almost two months before that and I can't believe how quickly time has been passing. It feels like yesterday!
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