Last saturday was the second day of november, the month many people complain about being grey and dull. I'm here to prove you wrong, my friends.
November is full of colour and I love the many nuances of purple, orange, brown and green you can find.
So maybe I'm a bit partial because this is my birthday month but I still feel that people are being too mean to november and they just need to have a look around to see how beautiful it can be.
David and I took a walk over the amazing hills in Rörum where we got married. This is a place that is just fantastic all year round.
Lets have a look at one of those 365 gorgeous days.
Wherever we go here we get a nice look at "our" tree where we said I do in august. It's on top of a hill and can be seen from far away.
And the view when looking back from half way up the hill.
Almost there.
David got there first. But only because I was taking photos of him.
Looking out from underneath the tree. This is what I'm talking about: COLOUR! Lots and lots of it! SEE!?!
David: "What?! Are you taking photos of me from above now!?!"

The best shaped valley I've ever seen.
Walking in line.
This is just too cute.
Makes me giggle every time.
Love how these six trees are standing there all grouped together like this. They are best friends.
And look! Our tree again!
Love how the stone wall snakes over the hills.
Moss and grass on a stump. Things like this can keep me happy and occupied for hours, I promise. There's even a rusty nail in the back. And white, whispy rope.
I have a lot of photos of this stump. From many angles. Yes.
Then we met a pretty cow and talked to her for a while before we went back home again.

Today has been a weird day. Nothing special has happened, I've just had a weird feeling all day. And a big red pimple on top of my nose. It hurts. My entire nose hurts. I mean, the skeleton is in pain.
I made the mistake of thinking the pimple was ready to be popped. It was so not ready.
I'm paying for it now, I'll tell you.
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