Yesterday I brought my camera with me all day long to document the day. We are in my parent's house at Österlen in the south of Sweden spending some time writing and relaxing.
Let's see what we were up to yesterday, shall we?
Swedish fil (Sour milk, really good!) with mango, roasted coconut, walnut and flax seeds and a sandwich with tomatoes on it. And a cup of coffee with lots of milk.
And look at that adorable mug!
David and I got it as a wedding gift from David's friends and it's just so spot on it's almost unbelievable. It IS David and me. I love it so much!
Time to get to work. My laptop booted up to what I was doing last night which was edit photos. But now I was going to spend the day writing on a little novella I started on the day before.
I got stuck after a while.
Reeeeaaaally stuck. WHAT TO DOOOOOOO!?!?!
Okay, maybe I can do something with this?
After a few hours we decided to drive to Simrishamn to buy some food. While I was wating for David to be ready to go I took this photo of our garage.
We went to the fish shop. It's near the docks with lots of buildings like this surrounding it.
In the garage for the food store. My beautiful husband mirrored in our new (to us) car.
When we came home we sat down in front of the big jigsaw puzzle that my mother started a while back when they were here. It's one of those very old ones that we collect where every piece is completely different from the other and there is no picture on the front of the box so you have no idea what it is you are trying to make. This puzzle is so incredibly hard! The hardest one we've ever found.
In the late afternoon we went for a walk to the woods. I was dressed according to the season since it's halloween today.
In the middle of nowhere someone has made two of these lion and gargoyle posts. They are standing on each side of a road that leads into the woods. At the end of that road is a castle that looks like it's taken from a fairytale. The owners of that place must be wonderful, creative people!
Me running around in the high grass trying to imitate a bird or something.
Then we entered the woods. Such a magical place.
We left the path to see more of the woods. Beech trees are so beautiful this time of the year.
Hush! Did you hear that sound?
This is me wanting to be a heroine in an Enid Blyton type young adult book.
Found the path again and went towards the pastures.
Hello cows!
All of these colours makes me weak in the knees with joy.
Found some blue, very large, berries. Anybody out there who knows the name of this kind of berry? Are they edible? I didn't try them, I promise!
On our way home we spotted a cloud that looked like a frog.
Time to start preparing the food! David was in charge of cleaning and checking the mussels.
And this was what we made! Mussels in a white whine and cream sauce with lots of garlic and different kinds of onion. And garlic bread of course! SO TASTY I COULD DIE.
I had some coffee after dinner and continued to write on my novella for a few hours.
And then we ended up in the couch listening to a podcast.
A really good day!

Today I have been taking photos all day with my iPhone. I thought it would be fun to do one of these Entire Day posts with my Nikon and one with my Iphone because I use them differently and I like the result of both cameras.
So that post will probably be up here tomorrow if everything goes according to plans.
Happy halloween if you are celebrating that.
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