I told you about the cape. It is one fabulous piece of clothing. A vintage nurse cape from 1976 that makes me feel part super hero, part Red Ridinghood.
When David and I bought our new camera we went to the beach to get to know it better. I thought it was a great moment to bring my cape and turn into my super hero persona for the evening.
My Super Hero name? Photo Girl!

(Yeah, I know! This might be the best photo of me in the history of EVER!)
David is fuzzy, but SMILING! I could NOT leave this in the folder all left out and forgotten.
Photo Girl takes pictures of rescue equipment. Not really sure what help that might do to anybody but, yeah!
Photo Girl leaves no angles unphotographed.
David shows off his impressive "Kasta macka"-technique
(Translates to "Throw sandwich" in swedish. WHAT do you call it in english?)
Photo girl took some pictures of feathers and then the adventure was over for the evening and she went home to drink some tea.


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