Hi hi friends, readers and all people of the internet!
Due to lack of wi/fi this post took longer to post than planned and as always I have trouble picking out a reasonable number of photos so I've decided to turn one post into two.
Here is the first batch of photos that I took of Hanna in the old Papyrus factory. The jewelry pieces are all from my latest collection. I focused on both jewelry, Hanna and the location on this photoshoot because all three parts was ecually important for me to capture.
I hope you like these photos and that you'll enjoy batch nr 2 as well. That post will probably show up during the weekend.
Without more talking, here is Hanna wearing my Cage Pendants in the abandoned factory Payrus in Mölndal, Sweden:
This factory really spoke to my dramatic sides. The next batch will include photos featuring an old escalator, graffiti too colourful for words and necklace pendants in beautiful symbiosis plus a gorgeous model lurking around the place as though she was a ghost.

Today is a hot day and I'm staying in the shadows as much as I can. David and I had a weekend in Copenhagen and I can't wait to show you all about that in a post soon.
Until then: Keep your sun hat on and wear as little clothes as you possibly can!
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