Hello hello hello to this wonderful day!
It's lottalosten.com's birthday and not only that, it's the FIFTH one so that calls for extra celebrations, doesn't it!? Well, I sure think so!
For this entire week lottalosten.com will be packed with great giveaways, discounts and fun blog posts.
When I first started lottalosten.com I was so new to this kind of thing. I had been making jewelry for a couple of years and was beginning to feel like word of mouth was not enough to put my jewelry out there. I didn't really plan to use the site for blogging but I added a diary part to the first page for small updates on what was going on in my life. The remainder of june 2008 I made exactly 8 entries, most of them about technical issues but already at the end of that month I realised that I want to do more of this blogging thing! July had 9 entries and I started to write longer texts. I found that I loved to write about my everyday adventures and even though I had no comment section under each post at that time people wrote to me in my guestbook when they thought something was funny or pretty. That really boosted me a lot. In august I think you could say I really had it going.
I bought a small camera and fell in love with taking photos of things I noticed on walks through rugged parts of Gothenburg and my interst in photography grew rapidly.
Since then lottalosten.com has changed a lot but at the same time I feel like it's here for the exact same reasons I made it in the first place.
I have started blogging in english and even though I sometimes miss the freedom of being able to twist and turn a language I know in and out I actually really love to get to know the english language in the same way as swedish. I'm getting more confident in my writing and I love that this page has readers all over the world. Isn't that amazing!
The first version of lottalosten.com looked like this. The screendump was taken right before I changed the design last year.
I've spent so much time here and I've loved every second of it. Some months have been more quiet than others and I don't blog every single day as I did in the beginning. There's many reasons for that probably but one of them is that I now spend more time on making sure that the posts are good. I take lots of photos and I want them to look lovely before posting. I guess you could say that it's more work for the posts you see today than the ones I made in the beginning.
I love lottalosten.com so much, I don't think you can understand just how much. It's a safe haven, a playpen, a work space, a home, a channel for all the artistique sides of me and a place where nobody but me can decide what's right or wrong. I'm the boss of lottlalosten.com. I'm the best friend of lottalosten.com. And I intend to keep this place forever (and ever and ever and ever...)
An explanation of the new design that I made at the relaunch last spring.
So this marks the start of the festivities. Make sure to pop in every day this week as I have the intention of bringing you lots of celebration fun.

I am so very very happy to have readers that keep coming back here to see what I've been up to lately. I hope you like this part of cyber space and feel welcome, because you truly are!
Thank you, thank you and welcome both new and old readers.
And don't be afraid to say Hi or Wow or :-) (or whatever you feel like) in the comments because I love to hear from you and I can't bite over the internet (not that I would bite in real life either, not without asking first at least).
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