Hello hello!
Hope you've had a nice easter weekend. David and I visited our families in Jönköping and now we're back in Gothenburg again.

Here comes some photos from when David and I went to Santa Monica Main street to have a look around.
Fell in love with this place. So many pretty houses and lots of fluffy green trees. The world needs more fluffy green trees. If I ever get a big garden I'm going to fill it with trees. Fluffy ones.
A garden in the middle of the city.

(And look! Fluffy green tree!)
Very cute library.
The world also needs more chandeliers in trees.
Love love love!
Oh! A Barcycle!

Yes, it's a bar and a cycle.
I love the branches of this type of trees. So pretty!
Like this old Liquor sign.
This photo was such a lucky coincidence. I wanted to take a photo of the cute laundromat and when I did this man cycled into the picture with an entire art gallery on his bicycle. I love that he's talking on the phone as he's riding the bike. It's always great when a photo turns out to be something different than what I wanted in the first place. Different and better.

We spent a few hours walking around, shopping in some vintage boutiques and eating at a nice italian place. I really loved Santa Monica and hope to be able to see it again someday.

Today the weather here in gothenburg is absolutely amazing! Spring might actually arrive! It almost looked like it was going to be winter all year round.
Well, well, now I'm off to rehearse with Teater Esther.
See you all soon!
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