In Sweden it's cold and snowy. In LA it's warm and sunny!
I travel really light and only bring a few clothes but lots of colored stockings, socks and accessories hoping to find some new things to bring home as well.
This is seven days in a row, clothes wise.
Pale but happy. Black dress and blue tights. In Sweden I get noticed when I wear these blue stockings. In Hollywood: not so much.
This is taken on the Hollywood street where we've been staying.
One day we went to check out Venice beach. I dressed appropriately with lots of hippie vibes.
Venice beach turned out to be quite boring. Too much tourists and cheap souvenir crap. But a few streets up we found some nice places. I'll tell you all about that later.
David had a meeting one day and I wandered around Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Avenue for a couple of hours. In a vintage shop I found these sunglasses. Needed a pair of sensible and useful sunglasses to wear when I don't want to wear my heart shaped ones.
This was definitely the perfect choice...
In a vintage shop on lovely Santa Monica Main Street I found these sunglasses. Look: sensible!
One evening walk around the neighbourhood in bright orange tights and my Sergeant Pepper-jacket.
Same black dress as earlier. Different coloured tights. And new shoes that matches my socks perfectly! Ain't that a lucky coincidence?!
This is on the porch to the house we've been renting. Sweet, isn't it?
And yesterday, on our way to the amazing fleamarket Melrose Trading Post. The dress is from the same vintage shop in Santa Monica as the sunglasses I told you about earlier.

Big post about LA is coming soon. Maybe tomorow. If we're lucky.

Until then: Tjingeling!
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