Today the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp and cold. David and I decided it was time to go for a walk and check on how The Lonely Tree was doing.
Walked past the pig and hen.
The pig seemed to have the best of times there under the hay. He lay there grunting and enjoying the sun.
The farm house in winter time.
An old caravan on the hill. In the summer time farm workers live there. I think it sounds so romantic. A summer job on a farm for a couple of months, living in a caravan surrounded by beautiful hills.
Ah, there you are Lonely Tree!
You know when you have really hairy legs and wear stockings and some of the leg hair peek through the fabric?
Well, lets say it: the ground had not been shaved recently and the fabric of snow was not enough to cover the evidence...
It was quite difficult to get all the way up to the tree today because at some places the snow was really really high. But we made it!
Looking down on the village of Rörum.
Can't get enough of this view.
And the other way has equally stunning view!
On our way down we were the first humans to walk this path for some time. Lots of cat paw prints and a few tracks from hares as well. The cats had been walking on top of the snow because they are so light so when we stepped there we just fell through the thick snow. Just one of those moments when you think it would be awesome to be a cat...
Perfect valley.
In the evening we went in to Simrishamn to eat at the restaurant Maritim. Thats the restaurant we wanted to go to on monday when it was David's birthday but it was closed.
Today it was open but we were the only guests there. Simrishamn during winter season is a very quiet town.
The food was great and it was the perfect way to end our visit to Österlen for this time.

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