Today we went to the beach right before sunset to take some photos. I've been longing to see the ocean all wintery and cold. Love how different it looks from summer time.
It really was freezing today and we walked along the beach for quite some time. I was taking lots of photos of the beautiful surroundings and saying things like Ooooh, look! and Aaaah, the colours are amazing!
I almost screamed with joy when I saw this icicle tree! So beautiful!
Spying on David while he's recording the sounds of the ice cold ocean sweeping in.
It was weird to walk on completely smooth and hard sand. Not a single footprint left behind.
I love how everything was covered in a layer of ice. It looked almost pre historic. Or like I imagine it would look like, anyway.
The rest of the evening will be spent writing stuff, drinking tea and getting warm under some blankets.
Certainly one of my favourite kind of evenings.
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