I woke up to this today with a lingering dream in my mind.
I dreamt that I was in New York and it was new years eve. I was running around town with a bunch of friends and we were having a really great time. One of us found an open door on the side of a really tall building. We ran up all the stairs and when we were on the roof with the entire city below us everybody was laughing and screaming and breathing hard from having to climb all those stairs.

All of a sudden it started to snow. We turned our heads towards the sky and saw snowflakes slowly floating down. Every single snowflake was captured in a bubble, you know like those soap bubbles you used to play with as a kid.
It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
We stretched our hands towards the sky so we could pop the bubbles with our fingers and feel the snowflakes melt in our hands.
I stood there, smiling and almost forgetting to breathe, when I realised I had to take a photo of this amazing moment. All around me my friends tried to do the same. We were laughing and giggling and pointing our phones up in the air and saying to ourselves that this must be some phenomenon, this is magic, this is a once in a life time experience.

And just like that the bubble snow stopped falling.
It was over, but the feeling of having experienced something truly magical didn't go away. Not even when I woke up.
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