This morning David and I went on a little adventure. We were searching for a filming location and had quite a few criterias to pay mind to. I won't tell you all of them but it had to be a railroad track far away from cars, roads and houses.
We started off at a place close to where I used to work some years ago because I thought I remembered the perfect spot for the scene we have in mind.
I came straight from a night at work and hadn't really thought about bringing my camera so all of these photos are taken with my iphone.
We walked along the tracks and found a crossing.
Testing, testing.
Nope, not good enough.
We stood there pondering for a while and then we went back to the car to drive a bit further along the tracks.
This house was on the next, not perfect, stop. Love the grey and sad feel of this place. Who would want to play hoops there? Not me, anyway. But I don't like sports at all so maybe I'm not the right person to ask.
Then we had an idea! Jonsered! It's a small town just outside of Gothenburg and it's so so beautiful there. I think it's one of my favourite places in autumn. You will understand why soon.
Perfect autumn bridge.
Aaaah, the colours!
Man on the roof.
This place has all the stuff I love to photograph in one spot. The autumn leaves, the bridge, the old industrial waterfall thingies with rust on.
Jonsered used to be a thriving town with lots of factories. Now it's very quiet but they still have use of their many waterfalls producing power.
We found the tracks right next to the beautiful lake but they were above ground! Oh no!
Turned around to walk back.
And then we almost walked past it!
It's perfect! Look how David's pointing. That's happy pointing!
Such a great feeling to have found the location we were looking for. We almost gave up there for a moment.
I was really happy to have gotten a nice autumn walk as well and my phone battery was blinking like crazy so it was high time to go back home.
A Lotta without any type of camera is not a happy Lotta.
Wise words, my friends.
I'll end this post with a photo of a shy mountain holding in it's stomach for the stretched out arms of a curious, cuddly tree.
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