Hello! Busy days now but I just wanted to pop in and show you some photos.
A week ago David and I went to Rörum for a few days. We are writing on our movie and had to get away to concentrate on the screenwriting for a while. When we arrived the weather was amazing (too hot for me, but perfect for everybody else) so we went for a walk over the hills.
A tree eating another tree.
David brought his film camera and was quite annoying following me around filming me while I was taking photos. A car even stopped for us so it wouldn't disturb us. Haha, we waved to them that they could drive past us. They probably thought we were filming something important.
Well, we weren't.
Our goal! The Lonely Tree.
When we came to the top David started filming the amazing view and I said hello to the sheep.
Suddenly something was happening behind David's back. Hahaha, this makes me laugh so hard!
Dinner time!
David tried to befriend a shy sheep.
He tried very hard.
It didn't work out so well. The sheep went all ostrich mode and hid his head in the tree trunk.
We left the sheep and the tree and found some chicken bums instead.
And that was that walk. I've got lots of more photos from our little trip to show you. You know I can't keep my camera down when I'm at Österlen.

Bye for now!
Hope you are having a less stressful time than I have. It will all pay off soon though. I'll tell you more about that some other day.
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