Yesterday David and I went for a walk in the warm summer weather. Now begins the time when Lotta shall complain about the heat. You will hear it a lot, I promise. Me and my skin do not like it when it's hot.
We took the way through the churchyard Stampen.
I had to stop and admire the rhododendron.
We crossed this green parkway.
And then we were in Trädgårdsföreningen! My favourite spot in Gothenburg! You can see this view in at least one of my earlier posts. Here, for an example.
It was time for fika!
David ready for raspberry pie.
I had brought an apple with me. My apple cozy is from earlygirl and I use it almost every day because I am an apple junkie.
A very warm Lotta.
A lot of people had decided to go here for fika. It was such a lovely day!
We took a stroll in the park.
Everywhere there were people hiding from the traffic.
A summer path.
Then we walked home again.
And passed the building where the trams go to sleep at night.
Five miniutes later we were at home again and that was that little adventure.
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