Capturing the beauty within unusual places and objects is the driving force behind my creativity. This idea has definitely influenced my photography. It all started on a long walk home from work - a walk that took me through the run-down parts of Gothenburg.

I saw beauty in a cracked wall and in the grey, abandoned surroundings where I saw a fallen tree and the yellow scoop of an industrial digger. I photographed everything. Sometimes the pictures showed exactly what I had seen. Sometimes my skills weren't quite enough to capture it. I worked to improve my photographs every day - something which I continue with even now. (But now I have found a way to capture what I want without having to take around a billion pictures first).

I started by photographing my jewelry to show my readers and eventually after all my practice the photographs became clearer, sharper and more beautiful. When it was time to photograph my jewelry with models, it made sense to take the pictures myself. With the help of beautiful friends around me I want my work to show a more stripped, natural fashion fotography without any false clichés and ideals.

Here at you can follow my days in pictures. Walks, daily doings, jewelry photography, more advanced photo sessions with models and quite frankly anything else that may happen.

I don't want to show any artificial reality in my photography. I capture beauty in the small, irregular and everyday fantastic.

Of course it's possible to hire me as a photographer if you would like. I photograph anything and everything and I love assignments. Email me for a price list or if you have questions.

You can buy my photographs through my Etsy shop. If you see a photograph here that you can't find in my webshop, you can email me via and we can certainly arrange something!

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