I’m in love with the autumn.

The most beautiful form I can think of is that of a leaf. The most beautiful colours I can think of are those you see during the autumn.

The first piece of jewelry I made was a pair of earrings shaped like leaves. Copper thread became veins in the leaves. At a jumble sale I found crystals from an old chandelier. These became the dew drops for my leaves.

A few years later, I’ve made many more leaves. Perhaps not a whole forest, though at least a relatively large bush.

I find much of my inspiration in nature’s form and colour. My jewelry is never the same, it’s never quite symmetrical. Like undergrowth, it’s wild and intertwined.

I find perfect circles completely uninteresting. There is nothing to see except even lines. Instead, natural or man-made forms found around us that take the shape of a circle - without being perfect - interest me. Round stones, circular holes in asphalt, footprints that leave patterns in square lawns are much more beautiful than an exact circle or square. My jewellery combines the unruly with the uniform. Within the form of a leaf there are fine veins, dry patches and holes made by caterpillars that when combined create intricate patterns within the leaf's uniform shape.

If you find a piece you like, you can contact me via I may not have the exact piece left, however I can make one especially for you that meets your requirements and wishes. Maybe you’ve found a piece you like but you don’t like the colours. I can easily arrange something.

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