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We are in a creative flow like no other!
Today David and I uploaded a new little horror short, and let me tell you, I am so incredibly proud of this one! We are both in this little film, so you get to see a little bit of David this time too!
It's quite different from our previous films in the Apartment trilogy but not less scary. Just different.
It's called Not so fast and it's not even two minutes long.

I think it's awesome, If I may say so myself, and I hope you think so too!
As usual David and I made the movie without any other people involved. That makes for some really interesting behind the scenes clips, so we thought we'd show you exactly how it looked when we filmed this, just the two of us.
This also explains really well how David made all the lights and equipment we used to make this film. Really worth the watch!

I hope you enjoy the fruits of our creative flow!
See you soon.

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So we made a new horror short!
This makes the third in our Apartment Trilogy that started off with Cam Closer, continued with Lights Out and now wraps up neatly with this one called Pictured.
As usual David and I made this movie in our apartment late at night.
To add to the heat from the strong lights we used, Sweden has been experiencing a heat wave like no other. Our apartment was scary hot! Matte powder and many breaks of just screaming "IT'S SO BLOODY HOT!! I'M MELTING AWAY" made the evening more or less sufferable.

Oh! And the girl in the photo is played by (the usually very lovely) Hanna Johansson.
The film is only 3 minutes long so you should watch it now! I hope you like it.
Now I'm off to stuff myself with frozen youghurt.

Until next time:

Some late night filming is happening. Stay tuned.
Hello hello hello!
Time for a Lights Out update because Oh boy things have been happening!
Not only have the film been seen by a crazy amount of people (5.3 million views on our youtube upload, 8.6 million on vimeo and with all the uploads from other people we're talking AT LEAST 16 million views in total) it has also been, and is announced to be, screened at a couple of festivals over the world (Lyon, Edinburgh, Salt Lake City, Telluride among others) but last week we also found out that Lights Out won Best Short film at FANT Bilbao. Such wonderful news!

We were asked to send a Thank you Video for their big closing ceremony and we made a cute little video that I thought you might want to see.
Look how happy we are!
My English sounds quite horrible but I'm blaming it all on giddyness or nerves or the high amount of pollen or an alien invasion or maybe something else entirely.

Hehe, I love the uncoordinated Thank you's in the end. We filmed a couple of more proper ones but this was just too cute to leave out.

That's all for now but I hope you're having at least two things to look forward to this week. It could be the smallest thing, really. I am looking forward to a giant outdoors fleamarket and a picnic. And having the weekend off work. And spring time! And And And...!

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