The weeks move past in a strange combination of euphoria and boredom.
Annabelle Creation premieres and it’s glamour and excitement to no end. It's actually amazing, how well it goes and how fun it is. I wear a vintage dress that I found online and it fits like a dream. It surprises me, because how is it even possible to buy something on the internet that looks like it's made for you?
But I did, and I'm in love; with the color, the cut, the feel, the e v e r y t h i n g.
At the after-party I’m hit with the realization that we know people here now. At the Lights Out premiere we still felt new, and even though it's just one movie later it feels different. The tips of our wings are almost touching the ground on the landing strip.

We’re having meetings together for the first time and it feels just like it should: Simple and natural (and Finally). We have so much we want to do, right now is just the prologue.

We’re starting to feel a change in the air too. I'm talking about going from being anonymous to being somewhat recognizable.
It's very weird.
So far it's mostly fun when people come up to us and say hi, but there is that gnawing feeling of “is this going to get too intense?”
People on the internet all of a sudden treat us like we’re famous but we still feel like we’re the same people we've always been. It happened almost overnight, tweets and comments went from “hey I like what you do” to “hey, help me make my dream come true, buy me a camera, read my script”. And I get it, but I’m also starting to understand the really famous people; becoming less open with their lives, more cynical, and never ever reading comments or engaging on social media. (Omg I don't want that! I want to be allowed to just be me!)
Never in my life did I think I was going to have to prepare for things like this. Not that there’s any real preparations going on, but you know- there are thoughts and feelings, and learning to not respond to people demanding things from us that we can't give anyways. It all boils down to this: knowing who we are, and never letting anything or anyone change that. It's harder than you would think to go from being someone that only friends and family have opinions on, to having complete strangers thinking they know what kind of person you are.

During all of this I’m having doctor’s appointments because of stomach problems and the one thing I suspected- endometriosis- turns out to be correct, but so are two other problems I did not see coming. SIBO and hernias. So now I’m on a boring diet that confuses me SO much, but is going better than I thought it would, and it's nice knowing what to do. Antibiotics, surgery and diet. I can do this.

And then, then there's the dream of a house in the south of Sweden we could call home. Somewhere to go when we need fresh air, sea breeze, and quiet. A getaway home in what used to be our home country, because right now we have no place to call ours in Sweden and the sense of not having roots is strong.
It's so weird to even be able to think those thoughts, though. A dream I’ve had since I was 8 years old. Might it come true?
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